14 January, 2017

Our Jewed Culture is Getting More Ridiculous Each Day, or, the Revenge of Critical Theory

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(Above: the “French” Jew, Jacques Derrida [1930-2004])

One queer/tranny/other person is known as “They”? How stupid. One person cannot be called “they,” which refers to more than one person. Enough of this baloney. By the way, this baloney has a name and an origin: it’s known as deconstruction/deconstructionism, which can be basically defined as: “words and phrases can mean whatever you want them to mean and can be used any way that you desire, because evil White males created the Western languages, which for the last 2,500 years have been fake and robotic and mind-controlling and oppressive and they work against non-Whites and non-males, so therefore Western languages are oppressive frauds, so therefore you may twist and alter the words of Western languages to your liking; the words can mean anything you want!” The origin of deconstructionism is the Jew named Jacques Derrida. (Interestingly, according to Derrida, only White languages are fake and oppressive. Non-White languages are legit and okay. In other words, Derrida was a typical Jewish nation-wrecker who was bent on destroying White culture, just like his fellow Jews Marx, Freud and Horkheimer; Derrida was, more or less, a late Critical Theorist who had the same anti-White goal as Horkheimer and the other Frankfurt Schoolers. How ironic that, if any culture is fake, it’s Jewish culture. In fact, Jews can be described as “a race of swindlers, charlatans and con-artists”).


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    1. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      MLK DAY will cover King, Obama and Lincoln non-stop. The media is in great readiness.


    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The Leftist worship of the First False Negro Messiah prior to Obama is about to begin!
      Grab on to your Tomatoes as they punish us relentlessly all the way thru “Negro history ”

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      At least this kike had good taste in cats.