24 April, 2017

Confederate Monuments Removed in New Orleans. When Will It Stop?

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(Above: George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon: will it be “memory-holed” as well?).

“New Orleans celebrates our diversity, inclusion and tolerance,” said the mayor of New Orleans. No, Mr. Mayor, I think you mean “New Orleans celebrates the destruction of superior White Western culture and the preservation of inferior negro culture.” Pandering for votes, eh, Mr. Mayor? If the monuments were pro-Black, they would never think of removing them. But pro-White monuments are, of course, fair game. I guess they’ll have to remove Mount Vernon and Monticello, too – after all, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves; in fact, slaves worked at both of those places. When are they going to remove those places? And after those, what will they remove? When will it all stop? History is full of political incorrectness. Are they going to wipe out all of the houses and monuments in America that are related to un-PC history? There must be thousands of them. What’s next?


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    1. fd Says:

      Stephen F. Austin brought slaves to Texas. Is Austin Texas, the state capital going to be renamed?

      Streets and buildings of Confederate heroes in Houston are being renamed as fast as the law allows.

      A formidable Monument of Terry’s Texas Rangers on the Capitol grounds in Austin.


    2. fd Says:


    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: And while they remove all Confederate statues and monuments, and rename everything after either Harriet Tubman or a Mestizo who killed Whites, the Capitol Building in Austin still has a nativity thingamajig in its lowest level.

      Secular Texas and others have tried to get it removed-as Christians have no business setting up shop in a Govt building-we are not a Christian nation.

      Current Governor was key in keeping Mary, Joseph, and Baby Bebus planted in the place where people are supposed to make rational, secular decisions about everyone’s well-being.

      The Repubs will take a bullet over Jesus, but will not lift a finger over their entire history being wiped out by scum who don’t care about Texas or the US.

      Richard Carrier says that being a historian is valuable, because it is like giving someone the power over your memory. You wouldn’t let someone just re-write it.
      But that’s what’s happening.

    4. fd Says:

      Homeless attorney Thomas Van Orden sued to have the Jew stone styled the 10 Commandments removed from the capitol grounds in Austin. He made it all the way to the Federal Supreme court before losing.

      Van Orden graduated top of his class at SMU Law School.

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: Yes, I remember that. SMU is one of those ‘skoos’ that can make you ‘go places’, lol.

      The Atheists tried to set up an Atheist Nativity Scene to be next to the regular one, since they weren’t going to remove it.

      Gov. Abbott called it ‘juvenille’ and had it removed.

      Um-virgin birth and magical ‘eat me and drink my blood’ guy is not juvenile? Huh?

    6. Emily Henderson Says:


    7. Stronza Says:

      Do not think for one minute that Monticello and Mt Vernon aren’t in for the high jump one fine day.

    8. fd Says:

      I have yet to learn on what principle White Southerners are constantly insulted. Strangers vandalize our statues, memorials, monuments. They tear down everything that is a symbol of the Southern Country. Most Whites are not aware of the level of hate directed against them or even believe such hatred is possible. Dixie Land is a threat to consolidated despotism. It’s time for the Federals to let us go.

    9. Emily Henderson Says:

      Yes, and Mount Rushmore will be next. They’ll transform the White guys into our new overlords, Beyoncé will be in the middle.

      Isn’t it funny they recognize Muslims as having a right to their weird, abusive culture…yet Whites in the South are not thought of as people who have a right to a cultural or ethnic identity, with its own set of customs/beliefs? They’d force everyone to don a hijab in the name of ‘understanding’ before they’d simply leave a few Southern States alone to do as they please.

    10. fd Says:

      The Illinois Ape is on Mount Rushmore. The official oracle between Washington city and the Jew god. Molestation of Mount Rushmore will not be tolerated by the Federals.

      When are the Federals going to water blast Stone Mountain?

    11. Stronza Says:


      “After moving the statues into storage, New Orleans will seek a museum or other site to house them. The city said it raised more than $600,000 in private funding to relocate the statues.”

      I sure would love to know who are the major donors.

    12. fd Says:

      William Penn of the Northern Section was a slave owner. His statues will go unmolested simply because they are on the PC side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Federal protection. Having said that, I am confident that William Penn was a good man.

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      The De-Construction of White History. You thought it would only happen in South Africa.
      Now they are starting on the Hated American South because in the the Eyes of the Northern
      Yankee Jew Banker Bluebelly Corporate AssClown Conglomerate that actually has run the
      Jew S A since States Sovereignty lost in 1865—- they feel ” you people” need to be brought
      To multi cultural heel.
      First these Commie Bastards take our Flag Down . Out of White Guilt and dead niggers in a church.
      Now they are taking down our monuments and statues.
      It wont stop until blood is spilled —
      Theirs and ours. Until that time the erasing of any Southern White
      History is open season for Marxists. Sad sad sad. What a POS country
      America has become!
      We deserve another Civil War and Massive Purge.

    14. The Red Skull Says:

      Generals Lee and Stonewall are probably rolling in their Graves at this Huge Dishonor
      being perpetrated on The South!!
      I really Gotta say Fuck America. Its dead and gone .
      I feel like a non citizen in a country i grew up in .
      Wonder if others feel the same .
      Time for peeps to leave the Federal Overlord Government in their hearts
      First. Then in practice.
      A government that will destroy your heritage and past for any reason in my
      Mind is Your Enemy.