15 August, 2017

“Diversity” is: Hatred of White People

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Do the “diversity pushers” ever demand that Black and Brown people embrace diversity? For example, do they tell heavily-Black cities (like Detroit) that they need more Whites on their city councils? Nope. Do they ever tell Mexican restaurants in Arizona and California that they need more White employees? Nope. Diversity only goes one way [1]. It is demanded that Whites, and only Whites, embrace diversity. “Diversity” is Cultural Marxism. “Diversity” is a code word for “less Whites, more Blacks/Browns.” Diversity is hate (and also jealousy).


[1] every Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to — and I’ve been to plenty of them — had zero or almost zero White employees, a bold violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

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    1. Luke Says:

      Actually, what the author of this very good missive claims to be true – with regards to Mexican restaurants of the present day not having any White employees – is only a fairly recent development. I’d say this practice didn’t really get kicked off until towards the middle to late 1990s.

      In my area, there were a series of Mexican restaurants that seem to proliferate in the late 70s and continued through most of the 1980s and every one of them were top notch, very classy, very clean and almost the entire wait staff and people working out front were White. They may have had a few beaners in the kitchen, doing the cooking, but you seldom saw any of them out in the main dining area. The waitresses were mostly very good looking and hard working young white girls.

      Starting in the late 1990s, those original Mexican restaurants suddenly began to go out of business and after a few years lull, my area began to see these 100 percent Mestizo staffed restaurants popping up all over town, usually with a name like El Azteca or something similar. The food quality went way down and the atmosphere inside the restaurants quickly reminded me of my time in San Diego when I was going to Navy A School and would occasionally take a trip down to Tijuana. Dirty floors, sticky tables, food particles clinging to the seats and booths, bathrooms that stunk and which usually had shit streak stains on the top of the toilet seats, left by some drunk Mestizo scumbag who’s dictionary never saw the word ‘hygiene’ anywhere in it. Standard third world shit.

      That is pretty much what still exists today, in 2017, in my local area. Oh, and he waiters are now mostly illegal alien male mestizos who can barely speak English, so you have to point to the item and the number beside it on the menu when you order your meal.

      I have a strong liking for a lot of Mexican food, but since this change – I have drastically reduced my patronage at local Mexican restaurants. I bought a Mexican cookbook and learned how to fix my favorite meals at home.

      I have a very strong hunch that these 100 percent mestizo restaurants are being used to launder Mexican drug cartel money. This is probably why they don’t want to hire any Whites, for fear that some observant Gringo might notice what’s going on and blow the whistle on them.

    2. Chandala Says:

      Let’s just say what’s really going on.
      “Diversity” is “White Genocide” !

    3. archer Says:

      Don’t care for Mexican food, have only been to a Mexican restaurant maybe twice in my life, If I go into an eatery that’s dirty I won’t be back, no matter what kind of food they sell.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      I love Mexican food.
      I just dont love Mexicans taking over my country