16 August, 2017

The Genocide of White People: a Federal Crime. Where Are Criminal Charges Being Brought?

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If you try to destroy White people, then you are, according to the law, trying to commit genocide. Violating the 1988 U.S. anti-genocide law is a felony [1]. The law prohibits destroying, in whole or in part, an ethnic group (ethnic group is defined in the law as a people bound together by common cultural heritage, which of course can mean “White people.” Deliberately creating conditions which weaken, debilitate, dispossess and physically endanger White people would constitute a violation of that 1988 law, since, taken to their logical conclusions, such conditions would lead to the eventual disappearance of White people. So, working to wipe out White people is a felony and is against federal law: when will Marxists and leftists be arrested for violating that law, since they have clearly demonstrated, and have even stated publicly, that their goal is the eventual end of White culture/people? [2].

[1] U.S. PUBLIC LAW 100-606 (1988) (a .PDF file)

[2] since White Western culture is unique, “ending Western culture” equals “ending Western people” — you can’t divorce one from the other, just like you can’t make pizza without cheese

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  7. 13 Responses to “The Genocide of White People: a Federal Crime. Where Are Criminal Charges Being Brought?”

    1. John Smith Says:

      The march to the genocide of whites is so fast and furious now and things like Charlottesville and the fallout from it, such as the taking down of the dailystormer and now infostormer for good are stark examples of what we are facing. The jews do not allow us a voice, or a public exchange of ideas, they control the media, and through that, the minds of our people, and by extension their power. They use this power now to blot out our ability to argue in our own defense.

      Why and how do they get so much power? They got this power by practicing the one thing that is considered the greatest sin of white people; Racial solidarity and community based on their race. They know the value of community, networking, self interest, nepotism, cronyism, and having an identified enemy, the other, to stand against (the goyim). They laud their achievers and value even the weakest of their loyal people as it adds to their strength in some way.

      But white people will have none of that. For whites to behave in such a manner, to put their own first is the ultimate sin now; bigotry. Even our women are starting to not date their own men in massive numbers to show how good and progressive they are, as they grow financially and socially weaker. This all started with the jews telling spoiled and hedonistic baby boomers to kill their parents, to live for today, to go against their people, to accept the exciting /exotic other over their own ‘staid and boring’ people, the self same people who had their real best interests in mind. The jews never gave up their community or self interest.

      It all starts with hedonistic and mentally unstable whites who want nothing more than easy lives, to be socially accepted / morally superior, to be ‘validated’. They do not give a shit about the truth, principles, where we came from or the value of our genetics or genetic expressions. As long as their genitals, their ego and drug habits are satisfied, they will go through life happy as a clam. They have no real morality of principles, and the jews play them like a fucking fiddle.

      So everyday we lose more. We have self hating whites cheering on the destruction of their own people, cheering on the ostracism and social and financial destruction of the few who see the smoke on the horizon who know what is coming, and who are willing to stand against the storm. Our own traitors are given power and wealth to stand against their own, much like the devil promising jesus all the riches in the world if he will simply bend a knee.


      All of this forms a very complex class struggle where moneyed and easy living whites are allying themselves with jews against their own people, all to the long term detriment of white people as a group.

      I get it now why jews think white people are fools. They fail to see the long game, the big picture, and to staunch the wounds when they appear, regardless of the social costs. Jews can do this because they always have a community to support them. Whites will not support those who have their best long term interests in mind. It is always ideology, social capital and hedonism over loyalty for whites. (Another reason many whites were not adverse to slavery). If you look at it from a racial standpoint, you can actually almost admire a jew for sacrificing money for the long term goals of their people.

      White men should have stood up in the 1700s when the jews brought the nigger in, but the government was protecting slave owners, protecting money over race. They should have stood up in the 1800s when the jews were exploiting their brothers in the south but it was money over race for the north. They should have fought the jews in the 1900s when the fed was introduced, but there were ‘rules’ of behavior and money to be made. White men should have stood up to the jew in the 1940s, 50s and 60s when the destructive meaningless wars of those eras were fomented, but then you would be unpatriotic! By the 70s the fix was in and the spoiled baby boomers were corrupted by the jew, the me generation, and never was a generation so aptly named.

      I would say the self interested whites are the enemy, as well as The other. The other is always the enemy. They always secretly hold themselves up to be either superior or in some way slighted by whites, and will always ultimately work against white interests. Even those with a white person fetish are our enemy as they seek to mate with white people and thus change the nature of our people and our society, if not initially than through a genetic weakening, and as a sympathetic opening of the door to more invaders.

      We are entering a period of war. If we survive through this, I would say we have only one solution to the problem; iron laws which exile the sexual deviant, the hedonist who sees themselves above the entirety of their people, the self interested traitor, those people who are disgruntled or self haters, and those fascinated and fixated with the outsider to an unnatural degree (to the point where they have sexual relations with the other or attempt to bring them into our society for whatever reason). They must be pushed to live among their beloved other or slain to prevent their ideology from spreading. We must be self interested in the future, as xenophobia and it’s twin; love for one’s own is real strength as evidenced by the consistent power of the jew.

      In ending; The rednecks at the end of Easy Rider were some of the smartest men ever to be portrayed in movies. They saw the future the problem would cause and acted immediately to fix the problem in their own way.

    2. Wolf Says:

      The White Anglos are too doped out on Christianity to realise who the F they are. When they shake off their wine they will return to their old ways and Restore order to their household, their country and themselves, until then the stupid Jewish munny grubbing nit wits are running the show. Expect more communistic garage and endless threats of world war which will never materialise because Jews are too gutless to pull the trigger on so many variables.

    3. Chandala Says:

      Wolf Says:
      17 August, 2017 at 4:41 am

      “The White Anglos are too doped out on Christianity to realise who the F they are.”

      AMEN !

      “Christianity Exposed” – Christine M Johns
      “The Origins of Christianity” – Revilip P Oliver
      “Nature’s Eternal Religion” – Ben Klassen

      These are some of the best books I’ve found that explain how pernicious Christianity is for the White Race.

    4. Chandala Says:

      Ninety nine percent of white Americans are not even aware that they are being genocided right now. Totally oblivious, or in denial ….

      White Europeans are beginning to suspect.

      South Africans are too busy fighting off “farm murderers” to think about it.

      Rhodesian survivors can still remember what it was like.

      But sixty six million dead white Russians and Ukrainians can no longer remember.

      White Americans won’t wake up until they face a “French Revolution in San Domingo” type situation (Lothrop Stoddard). And even then you won’t be able to tear them away from their “wide screens” until the Trayvon and Shaniqua are kicking in the front door and the splinters are flying off the door frame.

    5. Luke Says:

      After watching a video of White looking people lassoing and then toppling a statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, N.C. and then, after the broken statue was on the ground, stomping on it and spitting on it – I have concluded that, if and when, CW2 breaks out – there are going to be a lot of our fellow Whites who deserve remediation before we shift our focus to our darker racial enemies.

      Also, in the videos I watched of the Charlottesville rally – there were a lot of Whites on the antifa side, basking in their self-righteous participation in race treason.

    6. fd Says:

      I agree, Luke. If war breaks out, it will be fratricidal, (Whites killing Whites) then it will shift to the darker types.

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Chandala
      I give you a Mr. Burns style “Egggggsellent”!
      On your Comment above.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Anyone know where to get a flag or a patch with the black X on a white field.
      I like it as a symbol only i would add the old star pattern to it.

    9. fd Says:

      Lighten up

      Off Topic: When is the last time anybody had fun at the White House? Let me then tell you.

      The Armadillo World Headquarters (1970 to 1980)


      Austin’s answer to Carnegie Hall: Hippies, rednecks, cowboys and businessmen all under the same roof. Marijuana tolerated in the music hall.

      After the bitter civil rights struggle ended, the South revenged itself by unleashing a music Renaissance hitherto unknown, sweeping the nation with brilliant effect. Outlaw country was reinforced by Southern hard rock bands flying the DIXIE battle flag at music venues. Jimmy Carter’s inaugural ball was a Southern jam. Charlie Daniels Band and Marshall Tucker were both featured at the event. Hippiebillies rocking to Orange Blossom Special. Willie Nelson smoked marijuana on the White House roof while staying in the Lincoln Bedroom.

      KRIS KRISTOFFERSON said of the contradiction in Austin:

      “He’s a Poet, He’s a Picker, He’s a Prophet, He’s a Pusher, He’s a Pilgrim and a Preacher and a Problem when He’s Stoned…

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Chandala: Did you mean “Christianity Exposed” by Mark Traupman?

      Can’t find Christine Johns.

    11. Chandala Says:

      @ Antagonistes

      HA !
      No… I’m talking about “Christianity Exposed” by Christine M Johns.
      There should be both a PDF and an EPUB here:

      I never heard of “Christianity Exposed” by Mark Traupman.
      “Christianity Exposed: Two Thousand Years of Deception” – Kindle Edition – AMAZON
      by Mark Traupman (Author)
      Thanks for the reference though, sounds interesting, I’ll have to take a look.

      Plus… I only have Christine’s PDF, but I went back to ARCHIVE.ORG and saw they have an EPUB too, those are much easier to read on my tablet somethings.


    12. Chandala Says:

      @ Antagonistes

      Reading up is about the best thing I can do at this point.
      I’ve worked hard to get about 1600 eBooks on my tablet and Kindle.
      Adolf Hitler had about 16,000 hard cover books in his personal library, and from what I’ve heard, he read everything.

      I think the solution to the fourteen words is going to have to await the coming of another Hitler, who can comprehend the whole problem, and who can come up with a world view that ensures the continued existence of the White Race. All the world views that people are laboring under today are incomplete, and fatally flawed.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      Thanks for the reference.

      I am convinced that the Leader is already among us, and is waiting for the right time, and the will of the gods.