28 March, 2019

Facebook vs. Free Speech (or, First Amendment? What First Amendment?)

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Facebook wrote: “Today we’re announcing a ban on praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism on Facebook and Instagram, which we’ll start enforcing next week”…

Note that The United States of America was created by White people. The computer, and the internet, were also created by White people. The concept of “free speech” (e.g., the First Amendment) was also created by White people. (Gee, those White people are something else!).

But now, Facebook, which is headed by a Jew named Zuckerberg, has decided that “White nationalism” isn’t allowed on Facebook [1]. Nevermind that White nationalism is a part, is a projection, of White Western culture. America’s laws and traditions are White [2]. Our language is White (i.e., English — unless you live in Southern California). Our political system (democracy) was founded by Whites [3]. America’s founders were White nationalists by default. White nationalism is imbedded in our culture. Or, at least, it was.


[1] “White nationalism” means Whites thinking and acting racially, e.g., advancing their ethnic interests by making English the de facto official language of America (27 states have “English-is-the-official language” laws), or, by banning interracial marriage, which was outlawed until 1967; see the court case Loving v. Virginia; the late, great judge Robert Bork said that America “must remain Eurocentric”

[2] American law “is largely derived from the common law system of English law” — Wikipedia

[3] America was a White republic until circa 1964 with the rise of the “civil rights” movement. American law is based on the U.S. Constitution, and “civil rights” aren’t mentioned anywhere in that document. Nor did America’s founders mention them. “Civil rights” are as real as the Tooth Fairy

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