1 April, 2019

It’s True: the Western World Has Gone Insane with Muslim Love/White Hate

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European immigration official #1: “You let a far-right White man into Europe?? Are you insane?? He could be a racist!”

European immigration official #2: “No, I didn’t let him in. I let a bomb-throwing-Muslim-extremist-who-wants-to-kill-White-people into Europe. Just like always.”

European immigration official #1: “Oh, thank God!!! For a second there, I was really worried! Did you give the Muslim a big hug, and, give him plenty of free food and travel vouchers, and a fast-track citizenship application?

European immigration official #2: “Of course I did! Don’t I always? I love Muslim extremists! Who doesn’t?? I’m not a racist! No way!” [Article].

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  • 5 Responses to “It’s True: the Western World Has Gone Insane with Muslim Love/White Hate”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Well, I have been eternally banned from American Renaissance, and I am supposed to feel sorry for Jared when he gets the same treatment from the governments of Europe?

      It is sad that they banned Jared, but it is sad that Jared banned me, for talking about esoteric subjects and taking a principled stand on sexual morality.

      His banishment is for two years; mine is for all eternity.

      You got off easy, Jared, and you get no sympathy from me. You did to me what they are doing to you, and I am supposed to be angry??!!!!

      You need to talk to the Holy One, Sri Sreggin Das, about self-awareness.

    2. fd Says:

      White people love Jews more than anything.

    3. fd Says:

      Jared believes that East Asians are more intelligent than White people, and Asians in general are superior. I would tell Jared that the big oil companies and contractors that do all the work were flying southern down-homers out of Houston, the oil capital of the world, as fast as the jet airplanes could fly to build the offshore oilfields in the Far East in the 1960s and ’70s.. The Chinese and Japanese couldn’t do it, or any other swirl. We had to walk them through everything. I was in the South China Sea, the Java Sea and Makassar Straits at the age of 21 and 22 (1974 -’75). Chinese junk is a reality. If Asians are so intelligent, why don’t they have their own magnificent universities. Why are they here? This goes for the Jews too. The Far East is covered with White technology — Jared.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Jared Taylor is creepy and weird.

    5. fd Says:

      I was pressed for time yesterday which kept me from detailing the information above. I’ll keep it simple: Those people were severely lacking in technology, skillful management and experience.