27 June, 2019

Bad News for the Green Marxists in the West

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The “United Nations Human Rights Council”? Yeah, sure, riiiggghhht. What’s a “human right”? Apparently, it’s “a right that every human has.” Who said so? God? No. Jews and leftists said so, back in 1948. In other words, “human rights” don’t exist.

Liberals are totally obsessed with pushing the idea of “global warming/climate change,” which isn’t real. The earth has only warmed up 1 degree in 150 years, which is normal since the earth’s temperature varies slightly. In fact, the earth was hotter in the 15th century than it is today. Nonetheless, the liberals run around trying to pass all sorts of laws to “prevent” global warming (but actually, their goal is not to “prevent warming” but to control the activities of White people and to transfer money from White pockets to Brown pockets. It really is Green Marxism).

But anyway, even if global warming were real, here’s the horrible news: Russia, China and India are putting out so much CO2 and other “greenhouse gas” air pollutants per year that, no matter what the West does, it wouldn’t prevent “global warming” at all. It wouldn’t even slow it down.

By the way, saturating the Western world with “global warming” hysteria in schools, the media, etc. is child abuse. Scaring children by telling them that life on earth will end in 30 years isn’t what a good person does. But then, leftists aren’t good people. They’re arrogant, hateful, vengeful people who only care about pushing their various agendas, no matter what the cost might be.

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  • One Response to “Bad News for the Green Marxists in the West”

    1. True Sons Of Adolf Says:

      The issue is never the issue. Climate change hysteria is about the carbon credits exchange and total control.
      The managerial class is salivating over the massive control they will have over dim witted dullards who believe in the fairy tales of man made ozone hole, global warming, climate change.
      The governor of the glorious people’s republic of Washington state says that the Latrinos will stay in their “ancestral homelands” if more laws are passed regarding climate change. He filled up another bong load after the comment.
      Whitey will survive the new dark ages and the ice age that is coming.