16 June, 2019

Why Don’t the World’s Sob Sisters Care About Slavery in Modern Africa?

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(A parody, of sorts, of a scene in the 1978 comedy movie “Animal House” starring John Belushi):

A man who looks like John Belushi: “Okay, I’m asking good people to join me in wiping out slavery in Africa once and for all! It still exists there today! We can’t allow that! I’m asking you people at the UN, at NATO, and you California liberals and you Bilderbergers, to join me in my anti-slavery effort! So, let’s all go to Africa and wipe out slavery! Let’s…gooooooooooo!!!!! (He runs out the door quickly. But no one follows him). (He returns to the door) “You hear me??? I said, let’s gooooooooooooo!” (He runs out the door quickly, again. But again, no one follows him).

(He returns to the door, winded). “One more time: I said, let’s goooooooooooooo!” (He runs out the door again. Still, no one follows him).

(He slowly returns to the door, dejected). “Okay, I think I understand now. ‘Moaning about slavery’ isn’t about ending slavery or even caring about slavery. It’s about sticking it to Whitey, yet again, by billing him for slavery reparations!”

  • 2 Responses to “Why Don’t the World’s Sob Sisters Care About Slavery in Modern Africa?”

    1. Lefty Mongtard Says:

      Africa the Motherland is glorious comrade. Architectural wonders abound, first world dams, bridges, and infrastructure.
      We have so much to learn from peasants shitting in a slit trench and living in a mud hut shanty.
      If we could import Africa here why we would finally have the golden utopia!

    2. WhiteWinger Says:

      100% RIGHT