13 July, 2019

The One Thing That Cannot Be Questioned, But, Why Not?, or, Free Speech? Not in Florida

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You can deny Jesus, you can deny the devil, you can deny gravity, you can even deny all physics! You can deny the Roman Empire, the Civil War, WWI, earthquakes, tornados, flatulence and Bigfoot. But you cannot ever question any part of the Holy Hollowswindle. To do so is to anger the Jews and to get fired from, or at least demoted at, your job. In fact, to anger a Jew is to anger God himself. Jews are gods in human form. Ask any rabbi. (If millions of Jews were “gassed” and cremated in the “gas ovens” of Auschwitz and other concentration camps, there would have been huge, 10-foot-high piles of human ash all over the entire areas surrounding Auschwitz and other camps. Every human body that is cremated leaves a whopping 6 pounds of ash behind if a man, 4 pounds if a woman. Yet, such huge piles of human ash were never reported by anyone and no photos of such piles of ash exist. A little detail that the Jews overlooked when they invented their bogus Holocaust gassing story, although granted, modern Hollowswindle books may have caught and “corrected” the embarrassing mistake by now; any Jew who was found dead in any Nazi camp likely starved to death when “the allies” bombed the supply lines, i.e., roads, bridges, rail lines; and, to think, the Hollowswindle didn’t even happen in Florida!).


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  7. 3 Responses to “The One Thing That Cannot Be Questioned, But, Why Not?, or, Free Speech? Not in Florida”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      6,000 signatures on a petition to remove him? Big Deal!

      This guy should have refused to go anywhere. Like that governor of Virginia, who appeared in blackface in a college annual. Everyone said, “THAT does it! He is finished, and good riddance, since he wanted to kill newborn babies!”

      I said, “He is not going anywhere. He is a democrat, and they do not care what people think. Get real.”

      This principal obviously had fine sensibilities, which caused him to back down and lose his job. Not a street fighter.

    2. Adolf Satan Says:

      Florida is where old boomercucks go to die off. They can have that steaming pile.
      Don’t ever get down or depressed as these places are destroyed intentionally.
      The less there is to defend the harder we will fight.
      Commierado used to be one of my favorite places but I can’t support commies and dopey dopers with my money and will never return there.
      Both places are the masters of price gouging the rubbernecked tourists that go there to escape for awhile.

    3. Deutsche Afrika Korps Says:

      Why are there no purple stains on the crematorium walls? Zyklon B leaves this stain. There wasn’t even any mention of the hollow cost until the late 1970s when it exploded onto the scene in teevee movies and books.