24 July, 2019

Three Facts Are All You Need, Newbies: Race in the Era of Donald Trump: America Must Remain Majority-White

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A liberal presidential candidate said: “Trump is a racist, and a Trump rally was similar to Hitler’s Nuremberg rally.” What does that say about Trump’s millions of supporters?

Newbies, there is no real race “issue” in America, so there is no real race “argument” to engage the liberals in. There are merely facts:

Fact 1: The United States of America is a Western country. It was founded as a White republic in 1776 by 118 Western men [1]. Western means “White.” America’s laws, customs and values are White (most of them spring from English customs and values).

Fact 2: Western culture is only White. In other words, it’s not Black, or Brown, or Asian, or Jewish. Just White.

Fact 3: As federal judge and conservative icon Robert H. Bork famously said, The United States of America must remain majority-White or it will cease to be a Western country and will cease to have any meaning [2]. It will no longer be Thomas Jefferson’s historic United States of America. It will become a multicultural soup of nothingness, like Brazil. Multicultural countries have no shared culture, no shared values, no compass, no reference points, no mutual respect. A multicultural country is just a collection of strangers and alien groups who are always fighting each other, a weird casserole of humans with no aim or purpose.


[1] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution.

[2] “What needs to be said is that American culture is Eurocentric, and it must remain Eurocentric or collapse into meaninglessness. Standards of European and American origin are the only possible standards that can hold our society together and keep us a competent nation.”
-— from the book “Slouching Towards Gomorrah” (New York; ReganBooks, 1996) by Robert H. Bork, p. 311

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    1. Adolf Satan Says:

      Just read an article stating that the POC hordes are dropped off at the Panama Canal and 30,000+ are waiting to get to the land of free milk and honey.
      They are from all over the world and none are vetted because Panama and other countries pass them off until they reach the Kwan.
      Costa Rica is holding up the The Great Replacement because they can only process 200 to 300 at a time.
      Panama has spent more money than they have making sure these future lifetime democrat voters reach the U.S.S.A.
      The article also stated that the Communist News Network broadcasts ads in South America promising a free ride and how to get there.
      Enjoy the time Trump is buying because it only gets worse from here.