27 September, 2019

Aztlan Tattoo: It’s No Trouble at All, Gringo

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I saw a Mexican employee at a retail store. On his arm was a tattoo that read “Aztlan.” No, not Mazatlan, the resort town in Mexico, but “Aztlan.”

For newbies, “Aztlan” is a racist Mexican word that refers to “America after the Mexicans re-conquer it, sometime in the future.” It refers to “taking” America — in other words, stealing America. That’s anti-White racism [1].

I can guarantee you three things:

1. That employee has never been fired, or not hired, due to that tattoo;

2. No White customer has ever complained about that tattoo (at least, not to his face, because they don’t want to get stabbed in the parking lot);

3. If a White person had an anti-Mexican tattoo, he’d find himself either not hired, or fired.

(Yes, it’s true that most of the U.S. southwest was, at one time, Mexico. But America fought a war with Mexico in 1846 and won the war, which is why that territory is no longer part of Mexico. America even offered to pay Mexico big money for the land that it took in the war! How way-too-nice was that? White people are always too nice — it’s genetic).


[1] “During the Chicano rights movement of the 1960s, Aztlan became a powerful rallying cry for militants who spoke of a reconquista, or reconquest, of the U.S. Southwest, turning it into an independent homeland for Latinos.” — from a July 2006 Los Angeles Times article

  • 2 Responses to “Aztlan Tattoo: It’s No Trouble at All, Gringo”

    1. Sigman Fart Says:

      I don’t know if that Mexican is aware of this or not or if many in the “Atzlan” movement are; but if current illegal I’mmigration infulenced demographic changes persist, if illegal immigration continues to go unchecked Mexicans should outnumber the Whites 7 to 3 in 80 years or so. Will the jews then to attempt to enslave then exterminate the Whites, the answer is yes.

      What will the new Mexican majority due with the Black? There numbers better increase or they are in great jeapordy as well.

      We know that if every White Man and Woman disaapeared tomorrow, every Black woman and man would in 2 years time as well.

    2. Joel Says:

      …The Chinese and Russians would then attempt to enslave the childlike and incompetent Mexicans. What do you think the Russians would do to the gulag hosting jews?