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30 April, 2020

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Do you recall, back in August 2019, when several media people made a cruel statement? They said (paraphrasing) “if the economy crashed, it might be a bad thing, but at least it would stop Trump from being re-elected.” That was an interesting wish, eh? Trump’s crowning achievement has been the economy: before The Coronamania, it […]

29 April, 2020

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Apparently, some leftists don’t like the new Michael Moore film about “climate change” (or, as I jokingly call it, climax change). Regardless of that, on the whole, the liberals are all excited about the possibilities of green Marxism. White housewives, White college students and the media are totally onboard with it. Green Marxism has taken […]

29 April, 2020

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In the early 1990s, Dr. William Pierce’s National Alliance produced a comic book called “The Saga of White Will.” Sadly, the comic was not run as a series. It was just a single issue. I’m sure you’ll agree that White Will should be brought back, but on the web: a weekly comic series that follows […]

28 April, 2020

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“Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin” (a .PDF file).

28 April, 2020

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I saw this on the web: “‘Media: If you step outside your house or inside a hospital you will die a horrible death.’ Also Media: ‘Why aren’t people calling 911 anymore when they have heart attacks? We investigate!’” Yes. According to studies, and some doctors, few heart-attack and stroke victims go to the hospital now. […]

27 April, 2020

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Muslim yelling over public loudspeakers at 6:00 AM: “Alli walli…aaaaaaaaa…dilli dalli…whamma rammi…slimmi slammi…aaaaaaaaa…alli balli, polli wolli…aaaaaaaaaa…wiggi walli weeni balli…aaaaaaaaaaaa…” Tourist #1: “Excuse me, are we in Egypt?” Tourist #2: “No, Minneapolis.” A White country that allows thousands of Muslims into it will soon perish: these Brown urchins will outbreed Whites very quickly, in addition to […]

26 April, 2020

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Protect your country in every way, White man, or it will be destroyed. Yes, big capitalism and free trade will destroy your country just as Marxism will, only more slowly. In the end, globalism is globalism, regardless of the flavor. Re: Putin’s Russia: “National social responsibility has succeeded where the crazed, simplistic theories of Adam […]

24 April, 2020

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Non-White immigrants are rioting in France, as usual. And the media and the government are downplaying the race factor, as usual. If the French (the real French) had any brains, they would expel the non-White immigrants, who always cause trouble. But, that would be “racism” and that isn’t “allowed” today. [Article].

24 April, 2020

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(Above: Is there anyone who hates more than a Jew? No. The racist Jew, “professor” Noel Ignatiev, wanted to “abolish the White race.” Why? Because he secretly feared it. Whites invented the world and that scared the crap out of Noel and his sneaky, rodent-like, “chosen” tribe. Ignatiev was the key founder of the term […]

23 April, 2020

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Equinox (1970); Horror/Fantasy; starring Frank Bonner (later of the comedy series “WKRP In Cincinnati”). The plot: four young adults experience strange and scary things while out in the boondocks. Ever since I saw this low-budget movie (years ago), I’ve been afraid of forest rangers. It seems that there are several different versions of Equinox. Some […]