9 June, 2020

FAEM on Jewish Political Warfare

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“The first and still the most succinct description of the standard Jewish political warfare tactic is in the Book of Acts 17:5 in the New Testament: “But the Jews were jealous, so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city.”

It’s quite clear from the context that these human dregs were hired rioters. In ancient times the marketplace not only had sellers of products but sellers of labor. These included everyone from day laborers to prostitutes to slaves for permanent sale.

Described in Acts 17:5 in a nutshell is everything from the Revolutions of 1848 to the Paris Commune to the Bolshevik Coup d’ Tat to the ‘Civil Rights’ movement of the 1960s to the modern rent-a-mobs that endlessly torment Z√ľndel, Irving and many others.

This model is custom tailored to the unique political needs of the permanent minority that desires to rule supreme as the 2% majority. They cannot afford allies larger or as cohesive as themselves. That’s because this ally would rule and not them. Consequently they must always operate with the dregs. That’s why they reach out to ‘minorities’ and dysgenic members of the majority such as feminists, homosexuals, criminals and sex perverts. We easily see that this model is utterly unsuited to the revolutionary needs of the white working and middle classes. All attempts to apply it or use it on behalf of whites will fail.”

— by First Amendment Exercise Machine, which was operated by Robert Frenz, who died in 2003.

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