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23 December, 2021

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“Rock and roll is nigger, pure and simple. Adding a drug-soaked white face to a guitar and bellowing “kill da juice”, doesn’t change things one bit. Behavior tells all and that will always be the main test.” — Robert Frenz of the FAEM website. Well, I half-agree with Frenz. One branch of rock and roll […]

12 February, 2021

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Genocide is an old, Jewish thing. The Bible (written by Jews) is full of “heroic” accounts of how the Jewish leader Joshua murdered thousands of non-Jews. And today, Israel is genociding the Palestinians in Gaza. But there’s another old, Jewish thing: assassinations. A news quote: “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh may be the most senior Iranian nuclear scientist […]

14 December, 2020

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by Allan Callahan. (Note: the human IQ test score measures the ability to recognize and solve problems. Do you think Blacks can solve problems? Blacks create problems!). […] “The negro is considered human, although some think he should be put into another class or category by himself. At any rate, if 1% can be of […]

9 June, 2020

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“The first and still the most succinct description of the standard Jewish political warfare tactic is in the Book of Acts 17:5 in the New Testament: “But the Jews were jealous, so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city.” It’s quite clear from […]

24 November, 2018

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On Black Friday, a complete stranger (a White guy) made a joke, of sorts, to me: he said that Black Friday was aptly named, since Black people often run riot on that day while they shop at the Big Box stores. I smiled and said, “yeah, that’s very true.” Later, I thought to myself that […]