12 February, 2021

Assassinations: the Other Old, Jewish Thing

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Genocide is an old, Jewish thing. The Bible (written by Jews) is full of “heroic” accounts of how the Jewish leader Joshua murdered thousands of non-Jews. And today, Israel is genociding the Palestinians in Gaza.

But there’s another old, Jewish thing: assassinations.

A news quote: “Mohsen Fakhrizadeh may be the most senior Iranian nuclear scientist to have been assassinated but he is certainly not the first, joining at least four others during the past decade.” [Article here].

A core Jewish motto is: “if certain gentiles trouble you, just kill them.” Israel has been killing foreign scientists for decades because those scientists are engineers who could (repeat, could) make a nuclear device. The Jews can’t “allow” those people to live. So they kill them. In 1980, the Jews went to France and assassinated an Egyptian scientist named Yahya El Meshad. (And such killings are not limited to scientists: in 1973, a Jewish murder squad entered the home of a Palestinian writer named Kamal Edwan and killed him and his entire family with silencer-equipped pistols).

The Jews, in their amazing arrogance, long ago decided that no other country in the Middle East was going to make a nuclear weapon or even a nuclear power plant. If any countries try to, Israel will respond with murder.

The Jews say that they want peace. But they don’t want peace. You know all those wars in the Middle East from 1948-onward? Guess who started each one of them? Yep. The Jews did, because again, they don’t want peace, they want to control the entire Middle East. And with America’s help, they will certainly try to, but they will fail, because all Jewish schemes eventually end in disaster [1].


[1] “Certainly, the Jewish scheme to subvert, enslave and slay the Goyim under a Jew World Ordure (sic) is clever and practical, if only it were not the Jews who have tried to achieve it! The reason for these centuries, nay, millennia of failures to subvert Goy states and establish Jewish ‘order’ is obvious: The Jew cannot stand order! He can ruin, but he can never rule, for the Jew is a congenital subverter and corrupter who cannot stop himself from undoing his own work upon the attainment of his power. The Jew has held the reins of power in the ancient world: Egypt, Athens and Rome. The juggernaut of states and empires fell under Jewish control by means of gold, but all the Jew could do was drive it over the nearest cliff. The Jewish adventure in Egypt reveals the jewish incapacity to rule, even with the full co-operation of the Jews’ Goy subjects. This incapacity is both embarrassing and tragic: embarrassing for the Jew and tragic for the Goyim. In recent times, the Jew has shown that he has neither learned from his past experiences, nor has he changed for the better in regard to ruling over the Goyim.” — FAEM’s Eric Thomson.

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