14 January, 2021

Biden to Speak on Thursday 1/14/21

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Joe Biden: “And if I’m elected mayor of Cleveland, er, uh, Phoenix, I’ll be a one-trick pony soldier! What? I was elected president of the United States?? Really? I don’t remember that. Well, then, I’ll be a two-trick pony hamster! Giddy-up! What was that? China? Oh, don’t you worry about the little chinks, those guys are our best friends! Really! They always tell me that when we meet in my basement every Friday, er, Tuesday, er…what was the question again? Huhh? I’m not supposed to say ‘chinks’? Why not? Come on, man! The Italians are our best friends! Put your jumper back on, Sarah, good grief, I’m half-Iranian myself! And my dad was a full-blooded Puerto Rican!”


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