9 January, 2021

The Media Decides the Status of the Economy, True or Not

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Paul Harvey, a radio segment titled “A Cure for Prosperity” (1987).

“Ronald Reagan is an evil war-monger who hates poor people and who will get us into a war with Russia any day now! And he’s destroying the economy!” yelled the media in the 1980s. It wasn’t true, of course. It was all lies. Since when do liberals give a shit about the economy, anyway, as long as the negroes and the Marxists are getting stronger politically?

Ronald Reagan deserves credit on one count: he was the first U.S. president to publicly say: “the government isn’t the solution, the government is the problem.” A first! He also aided the anti-communist Contras in Nicaragua — a good idea since the Soviets were aiding the communist Sandinistas there. Central America almost turned communist due to the Sandalistas. Reagan may have saved it from doing so. May have. (Sadly, the liberals in Congress later killed U.S. aid to the Contras. Of course!).

By the way, the economy under Reagan was excellent, overall. In 1987/1988 there were so many jobs available that you could find one on the very first day that you looked for one. The media, of course, strongly denies that. “The rich got richer and the poor got poorer” was the media’s slogan for the 1980s. (As a wise man pointed out: liberals do better when the economy is doing worse, because their jobs hinge, to a large extent, on poverty and on moaning about conservative politics: e.g., they work for poor and homeless advocacy groups, minority advocacy groups, etc. When the economy is strong, the sob sisters have nothing to complain about. Liberalism is based on the hatred of White success and prosperity).

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