23 February, 2021

Book Review

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The book is titled “Unmasked” and was written by Andy Ngo. It was released two weeks ago.

Had a right-wing revolutionary group committed violence all over the U.S. for months/years, it would have been banned by law in all 50 states (and probably by federal laws as well). The fact that antifa hasn’t been labeled a domestic-terrorist group says a lot about our political “leaders.”

“(Ngo’s) findings are a keen reminder that, in the course of human history, liberty, security, and the rule of law are in fact the exception, not the rule. Far from the right-wing ideologue that his critics make him out to be, his work evinces what strikes me as a straightforward desire for freedom and peaceable relations among citizens that live within a pluralistic society.”

[Book Review].

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