27 February, 2021

Double-Standards at College, or, Kamenka Again

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If you were a professor and a neo-Nazi, do you think that you could get tenure, and get onto the faculty, at any Western university? No way. Not only “no” but “hell, no.” You’d be “outed” in a week and bounced out the door and angry leftists would follow you and assault you in the parking lot as you were leaving! (Jews and leftist have long sought to get right-wing professors fired from their jobs, but usually without success due to tenure [1]).

This guy Eugene Kamenka (I mentioned him yesterday) did both at Australian National University, only he wasn’t a neo-Nazi. He was a lifelong communist and a Jew. Have I mentioned that communism killed 90 million people during the 20th century? Marxism always equals “murder”; look at Cuba and Nicaragua. And that’s just the murders. What about the other oppression: people wrongly put in prisons, their homes and land stolen, their families destroyed. Communism has destroyed more lives than any other ideology in history.

How can anyone use the words “Marxism” and “ethical” in the same sentence? Kamenka did. Can you believe that this communist actually wrote a book about the “ethics” of Marxism? How are there any ethics in seizing someone’s home or land (the liberals call this “requisitioning” or “nationalizing” — they never call it “theft”)? These Marxists are sick creeps and anyone who aids and abets them is a sick creep as well. Why did the Australian National University host this creep? Has anyone ever demanded that the university apologize for doing that? (Nope, of course not). A fawning bio of Kamenka is [Here]. Kamenka was such an extremist that he was a Trotskyist in his teens and he traveled to the Soviet Union in 1965 — they always seemed to be called back to the Mother Ship!

[Online book about Marxism].


[1] Jews and liberals tried to get Dr. Kevin MacDonald fired from California State University, but they failed. Nonetheless, the smearing of his good name continues even today. Previously, he was not called a “neo-Nazi” but now he is; note for the historical record that he is not a neo-Nazi in any way; but, here is what Wikipedia says about him now:

“Kevin B. MacDonald (born January 24, 1944) is an American anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and a retired professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)” — Wikipedia, Feb. 2021

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