2 April, 2021

Gaslighting by the Elites (What Is It and Why Is It Happening?)

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This essay makes good points. The similarities between Mao’s China, the Soviet Union and modern America are scary. The lies come at us fast and hard today!

If the government, or the media, is gaslighting the citizens [1], it basically means that they are playing mind games on the citizens: deliberately telling them false things (e.g., “White supremacy is a severe threat to America!” when in fact it isn’t a threat, it hardly exists anymore, and, most importantly, it is the only thing that could save America from plunging over a cliff in 30 years). Gaslighting mind games are usually the opposite of the truth: “systemic racism is everywhere!” when in fact it hardly exists anymore. Gaslighting is designed to fool the public and make the citizens feel lost, scared, hopeless, etc. The media has been gaslighting the public for decades, but ever since Donald Trump became president the gaslighting has been much worse.



[1] “gaslighting” comes from the 1944 movie “Gaslight,” in which a husband manipulates his wife into thinking she has a mental illness by dimming their gas-fueled lights and suggesting to her that she is losing her mind, when in fact she is quite sane

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