25 January, 2022

Thousands of American Soldiers to Deploy to Ukraine? How?

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(Above: Leo Pasvolsky).

Joe Biden (the “Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces”) has no legal authority to send U.S. troops to Ukraine if he’s senile. Has he been tested for mental fitness? (Ditto Biden’s Covid-19 mandates. In most states, senile people cannot sign legal documents, because they usually don’t understand what they’re signing. Furthermore, “taking advantage of a senile person” is elder abuse, which is a felony).

Who’s really in charge of the Biden Administration? Some people have said Barack Obama is.

News quote: “The Pentagon said Monday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has put up to 8,500 troops on heightened alert, so they will be prepared to deploy if needed to reassure NATO allies in the face of ongoing Russian aggression on the border of Ukraine.” (Trivia: NATO is a de facto Jewish entity: it came from Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which was created by the Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky [1893-1953]) [1].



[1] The liberal former Secretary of State Dean Acheson (1893–1971) turned against the UN later in his life and angrily called the UN “that little rat Leo Pasvolsky’s UN” in a letter to (professor and State Department official) Charles Burton Marshall in 1967.

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