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28 July, 2016

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Do you want to talk about “discrediting a police department”? Negro police officers discredit every police department in America. (Hiring standards at police departments were significantly lowered in order to produce Black cops [and female cops]). [Article].

4 October, 2014

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Why are White people being sent half-way around the world to fight an African disease? Because Blacks are basically adult children [1]. They are unable to care for themselves, so White people have to help them. (Yet, here in America, Blacks are now police officers and judges and congressmen). [Article]. [1] the famous doctor, Dr. […]

15 September, 2014

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The U.S. “Civil War” was bad. Reconstruction (1863-1877) was just as bad. Here’s a quote from a Wikipedia article about infamous gunfighter John Wesley Hardin: […] “Hardin wrote in his autobiography that he then rode to get help for the wounded ex-slave (who died three days later) and that his father did not believe he […]

31 August, 2011

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Someday, ape cops will patrol the streets of your fine city…wait a second…they already do! (That White lady can thank Jews like Joe Slovo for her ordeal). [Article].

23 February, 2010

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No, waits, make dat ‘ex-B-baller/ex-cop…’ [Article].

10 January, 2010

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Someone once said that Black males are penises with legs. You think that’s true? [Article].