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6 September, 2012

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Which political party do you want to serve you heaping spoonfuls of Cultural Marxism? The left-wing one, or the right-wing one? Both political parties push human equality/One World, One People/No Nations Allowed Except Israel. The only real difference between the two is that one party is religious and more conservative, and the other party isn’t […]

15 August, 2011

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Tea-partier #1: “Jesus was a Jew.” Tea-partier #2: “Thomas Jefferson was a Zionist.” Tea-partier #3: “Radical muslims are colonizing the moon.” Tea-partier #4: “America stands with Israel!”

28 June, 2009

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“Conservatives” = insiders and elites who care more about money, power, book deals and “legitimacy” than about freeing the West from Jewish tyranny (and why would they want to do that anyway, since “Jesus was a Jew”?) [VNN Forum Post].

7 April, 2008

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(Gottfried – who is Jewish – coined the word “paleoconservatism,” by the way). There are several different ways to consider this. Probably the best way is like this: it doesn’t matter if paleoconservatism is dead or not. Because the troubles of the West aren’t political, they’re racial, i.e., 90% of them spring from one race: […]

3 April, 2008

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Linder unleashes his army of knuckle-dragging, kitten-murdering psychopaths onto innocent conservatives. Oh, the humanity: [Forum Thread].

27 February, 2008

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What did Buckley “conserve,” anyway? In fact, he helped purge the political Right of honest men [1][2]: [Article]. [1] Buckley vs. Sobran: [Here] [2] about Buckley’s purge (scroll 3/4 down the page): [Here]