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18 April, 2010

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Well, of course it is. Don’t be silly! Speaking of “Sex and the City,” actress Sarah Jessica Parker is its central figure and icon. Is that because: 1. She’s a beautiful woman and her beauty will attract lots of viewers? 2. The heavily-Jewish entertainment industry believes that she has classic Jewish features and wants to […]

6 March, 2010

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. Not that Whites should care about Mexico per se, but the worldwide sickness of egalitarianism is spreading into the “macho” Spanish-speaking countries [1]. You can blame “Western” popular culture – which now reaches around the globe – for much of the spreading [2]: [Article] [1] egalitarianism [2] that popular culture includes, of course, heavily-Jewish […]

4 March, 2010

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What is it with Spielberg and World War II? (That’s a trick question). Had America signed the logical and moral Anti-Comintern Pact and rejected the illegitimate, Jewish-built Soviet Union, WWII – as we know it, at least – wouldn’t have happened: [Article].

11 February, 2010

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Oy vey, there are always two standards, Moshe! The late Charlie Wilson aided hard-core Muslims in their fight against Soviet aggressors. That was called “good” – in fact, Hollywood made a movie about it which portrayed Wilson positively. But had Wilson aided hard-core Muslims in their fight against Jewish aggressors (i.e., Israel), that would have […]

19 January, 2010

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Uh-oh. With this court ruling, Black killer Mumia Abu-Jamal – loved by Blacks and by most of Hollywood – has inched closer to the big sleep: [Article].

6 November, 2009

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Forget marijuana and cocaine. Are they under the influence of Jews? Maybe you should unplug the electronic Hebrew while there’s still time… [VNN Forum thread].

5 October, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “Over 30 years ago, director Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl. The details aren’t pretty. According to the girl’s Grand Jury Testimony, Polanski plied her with enough alcohol and Quaaludes to make her dizzy and disoriented. He then had oral copulation with her, followed by sexual intercourse, and ending with sodomy […]

2 September, 2009

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by Gott. Hawks was a major Hollywood player from his first sound film in 1930 (The Dawn Patrol) to his last film in 1970 (the sadly bad Rio Lobo). He came from money and class – his family arrived from England in 1634, farmed where Boston now stands and went on to found and pretty […]

27 August, 2009

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In a sane society, this movie would be loudly rejected by everybody, young and old alike. (At least we used to have the Hollywood Production Code, which ended in the late 1960s): [Interview].

4 May, 2009

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by Edmund Connelly. “I’ve just finished researching and writing a long essay on a two decade-old phenomenon in which the film image of African American males has improved dramatically. It now rivals that of white males, who outnumber blacks by about seven to one. (We might also mention that it was white males who ruled […]