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28 August, 2020

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(Above: look, a mouse is sitting on a park bench. No, wait…that’s not a mouse, that’s…that’s…Werner Scholem! Sorry, they all look like rodents: big ears, big noses, weak chins…it’s hard to imagine that God “chose” the Jews). Trivia: 90% of the people who led the attacks on Germany in the 1920s were Jews. Mind you, […]

4 August, 2020

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“Racial Biology of the Jews” by Baron Otmar von Verschuer, M.D. (1938). (Dr. William Pierce called the Jews a “hybrid race” and that’s an accurate term, since there are two main branches of Jews: the large branch [Ashkenazim, or Eastern European Jews] and the much smaller branch [Sephardim, or Mediterranean or Spanish Jews]; 90% of […]

10 March, 2015

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(Above: Jewish “civil rights” leader Kivie Kaplan. Note his facial appearance) Seen on the TV: an ugly woman who was, no doubt, a Jew, even though I didn’t get her name. She had the familiar rodent-like appearance [1]. One of the reasons that Jews hate White people is that they know that they are an […]

24 July, 2011

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Well, beauty always dies young. You know, this is rather worrisome: how can the pop culture normalize the “Jewish look” without Amy around? [Article/Obituary].

19 March, 2011

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Jews hate White beauty because, as a people, they’re ugly. They’re often physically slight, with stooped shoulders and skinny legs – in other words, they look wimpy. Many Jews have big ears and big noses, which gives them a rodent-like appearance. [Article].

18 April, 2010

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Well, of course it is. Don’t be silly! Speaking of “Sex and the City,” actress Sarah Jessica Parker is its central figure and icon. Is that because: 1. She’s a beautiful woman and her beauty will attract lots of viewers? 2. The heavily-Jewish entertainment industry believes that she has classic Jewish features and wants to […]

29 November, 2008

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The Jews, as a general rule, are physically unattractive people: Big noses, big ears, big mouths, weak chins, eyes that look slightly Asian. Many are short and appear pasty and frail, like they never venture outdoors. This is one reason why the Jews hated the Nazis. Look at the Nazi ideal: handsome, proportionate, honest-looking, an […]