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18 May, 2008

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  Did you know that almost all prepackaged foods you buy and consume are “Blessed” by a Rabbi?…For a price of course. Join Mark Faust as he exposes yet another Jew perpetrated swindle designed to empty the wallets of non Jews everywhere.   Only at: Voice of Reason Broadcast Network  

27 April, 2008

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Listen in at Voice of Reason Broadcast Network So where does the dollar come from? The United States government right? WRONG! The largest financial swindle in world history has been going on for almost a century right under the peoples’ noses. Did you know that Americans work 3-4 months of each year for free? Why? […]

1 April, 2008

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WHY AMERICANS WILL BELIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING – by Tim O’Shea It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a […]

16 February, 2008

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A Jewish-banker racket, usually. The bankers instigate a war, then loan money to both sides of the conflict, then reap whatever other rewards can be had, e.g., the U.S. “Civil War.” (Note the negative comments here about Hitler and Mussolini. Fascism was aggressive? What was fascism but a reaction to Jewish-sponsored internationalism, liberalism and “democracy”?) […]

22 June, 2007

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Like the Jew Sigmund Freud, the Jew Einstein achieved artificial greatness only via decades of Jewish-media hype. The E=mc2 theory in space [1]: [Article] [1] about Olinto De Pretto and E=mc2: [Here]

4 April, 2007

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What concerns the jews called neocons is not that men are in jail across Europe for telling the truth about “the Holocaust” but that a new generation of Muslims might escape brainwashing in the doggiest Dogma of the New World Order’s state religion. by Alex Linder The latest story making the neocon rounds concerns the […]

12 October, 2006

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[November 1994] Bad news for Einstein aficianados. Recently discovered correspondence reveals that he treated his first wife, physicist Mileva Maric, whose father was a Serb and mother a Montenegrin, most shabbily. He never got around to marrying her until after their illegitimate child was born, a girl, who was immediately given up for adoption or […]