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28 May, 2009

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You know that Jewish saying “never forgive, never forget”? Well, they take it literally: [Article].

27 May, 2009

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by Dr. William Pierce. “Hello! A few years ago, when I first began describing the lemming phenomenon, I had the naïve idea that lemmings were mostly a pretty dull bunch: grossly overweight couch potatoes who munched snacks while they watched television and believed everything they were told. I thought that intelligence was a reasonably good […]

27 May, 2009

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Ten-hut! Chest out! Nail polish ready! Now, scream when you see a bug: [Article].

27 May, 2009

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Hey, sissy boy, you’ll fit right into the New World Order: [Article].

26 May, 2009

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But it’s only a temporary setback. It won’t be long before fudge-packers can wed in all 50 states. Newbies, you’d be amazed at all of the diseases that queers get, due to their unclean lifestyles, e.g., oral-anal contact: [Article].

26 May, 2009

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by Alex Kurtagic. “One would think that an award-winning journalist writing for a national ‘quality’ newspaper and with access to some of the most eminent personages of the age would be capable of penning an intelligent article about an unconventional politician, providing novel insights and depth of analysis where his lesser peers would have been […]

26 May, 2009

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Paco’s nose wrinkled inside the cramped apartment full of illegal Mexicans. *Phew* – had someone been eating beans? [Article].

25 May, 2009

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24 May, 2009

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“White men failed to identify jews as the enemy. That was the fundamental mistake, made by church and government. The failure to identify jews as a hostile, parasitic, competitive species and eradicate it was the single biggest mistake the white race has made in its long history. It is a mistake that can be and […]

24 May, 2009

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by Mark Glenn. “…it is obvious now that the real reason for all the noise months ago concerning one Bp. Williamson and his blasphemous maltreatment of the sancta sanctorum of Jewish suffering known as the holocaust can be summed up in one word–“pressure”. In particular, interested players wanted to put the heat on the Catholic […]