23 December, 2011

Another Federal Court Blocks Another State Immigration Law

Posted by Socrates in federal government, federal power, illegal immigration, immigration, immigration bills/laws, Socrates, states' rights at 3:09 pm | Permanent Link

Why bother having individual states if the federal government makes all the decisions?


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  7. 9 Responses to “Another Federal Court Blocks Another State Immigration Law”

    1. old dutch Says:

      Surprise, surprise. Judge Richard Gergel by numerous reports is a Jew with a Jews’ attitude.

      I haven’t been in the low county south of Charleston for a few years, but, the last time I was there the area was crawling with Central American jungle folks of the Mexican & other varieties.

      It was scary to see these Mexcian jungle types wandering around.

      My guess is that the Central American jungle folks were starting to have a negative effect on property values, and the tourist & resort trade. I don’t think you as a tourist or property owner want to get hacked up by a machete weilding Mexican—that could ruin a vacation.

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Didn’t that governor just recently endorse Nut Gingrich ? How much a surprise is that.

      Lets get real,none of these microzogs are going to buck up to Uncle Shmuel, until they tar and feather the kikester judges, and demand that federal troops leave the South.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      SC has always had an independent streak. It almost seceded during the Jackson Administration, but Old Hickory would have none of that. And of course Fort Sumter is located there. It’s not a coincidence that Fort Jackson and Parris Island, some of ZOG’s most important military facilities, are located there as well. Like all other Confederate States SC is still very much under Union occupation. If and when the next American Revolution breaks out it might very well begin there.

    4. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What do we need the Macro-Zog for? It seems like every one of the so called powers given to the Kahngress have been usurped by the kikes, the power to print and coin money is in the hands of the Kikes own personal Federal Reserve Bank, The power to declare war, is the Chief Baboon and his neo-kahn advisors in the Pentagon,, hell just put a big star of David over the Crapitol dome, errect a Whiney wall around the beltway. The military is nothing more than multicultural thug and gang shitskin employment agency to call and beck of les lil Shitty.

    5. Coup d'Etat Says:

      “Why bother having individual states if the federal government makes all the decisions? ”

      Ri-ight. This is what you call the makings of a OWG. You start with the individual countries in the U.S. and Europe and turn them into either OUFG (one united federal government) or turn Europe into one European Union.

      With the jews in the highest positions of the federal government or the union, they have more protections than if they work in a city/state level and can; therefore, easily subvert all laws that protect the majority native legal citizens and their rights. This includes state and federal judges who are jews.

      As a result, you will have citizens from the M.E. invading Europe; Mexicans and South Americans invading the U.S.; more civil rights for non-Whites that protect their right to live and surpass job hirings; homeland security doing very little to protect the majority of native American citizens or the host (which are Whites) and instead protect the non-White illegals from south of the border who are the invaders; subvert city/state level enforcements to investigate the invaders whether they are legal or illegal but yet these same deviant people implemented laws to arrest any U.S. citizen without habeas corpus; protect LBGT with federal laws no matter if their lifestyle is damaging to the majority of citizens and to children or infringing upon the rights of religious people and without regard to morality; spread material about the Gay lifestyle in schools and force children to believe it is a normal way of life while many jewish families are abusing their own children into homosexuality and no one thinks twice about it, not even the CPS or police; easily implement the Patriot Act; easily implement the arrest of U.S. citizens with no habeas corpus; complete control of all financial institutions and printing of money; allow the support of a foreign nation (jews) by implementing forced cost on every food item we buy that is supposedly “Kosher” for the jews but yet they won’t eat the same foods as the non-jews while food costs increase exponentially; complete control of all media and showing of holocaust movies almost everyday on the History channel, etc….

      These jews even though a new generation has evolved and some old ones may be alive and were kicked out of Germany are doing the same things to every nation as they did in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, etc. However, since the jews have so much money and were able to buy the media only side of the story became prominent and therefore brainwashed the non-jews with their BS lies, their money, their bribes, their death threats that any attempt to thwart their lies becomes automatically criminal therefore the host citizens in their own country become prisoners for life.

      We citizens who are non-jews need to unite and stand up to the jews; we need to tell them to get out of our countries, have them arrested and confined, etc., but definantly have them removed from every sector of our country. As these jews continue to pervade non-jewish societies/nations, things will become much worse. All of our resources and freedoms will be taken away and we will have little left to fight back with. The one most important thing that will be taken away or controlled completely because of rising costs will be food. Water will eventually be effected. Without these things, we will be too weak to fight back and will therefore become under the complete control and abuse of the jews.

    6. fd Says:

      In reference to South Carolina threatening secession in the 1830s, it should be noted that the Carolinians called President Jackson’s bluff and he conceded to back off on the tariff taxes. The federals were not strong enough to assault a state in those days.

    7. mrcrouton Says:

      Richard Mark Gergel is a principal and senior partner with Gergel, Nickles and Solomon, P.A, in Columbia, South Carolina. Gergel has served as President of the Columbia Hebrew Benevolent Society and the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina.

      Why do we tolerate such ethnocentric Jews running our courts?

    8. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m so surprised that the judge just happens to be an ultra left wing jew. I mean, what are the odds of that in the kwa!? The only right wing jew judges live in israhell.

      And what a coincidence that all state and local laws dealing with the illegal mestizo invasion have been struck down by federal tyrants wearing black robes. Anyone still think the system works for honest, law abiding white Americans? Are there any federal judges that aren’t cultural marxists or jews?

      I think we know the answer to those questions.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Question who would be the most likely Nation/Regime or criminal gang likely to ATTACK US if such was to happen ?