4 December, 2013

Race and Cautiousness

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This is a true story.

One day, a non-White woman was in a grocery store. She had a small child with her, who was about 3 years old. While she shopped, the woman (we’ll call her “Mrs. Brown”) allowed her child to ride in her shopping cart at the very top of the cart, in the small area where women put their purses while they shop. At one point, Mrs. Brown’s child stood up in the cart and was soon dangerously close to falling out of it onto the floor. Mrs. Brown saw the child stand up in the cart, but was oblivious to any possible danger. But a White woman who was standing nearby (we’ll call her “Mrs. White”) immediately realized the danger and sprang into action, grabbing Mrs. Brown’s child and lowering him to safety before he could fall out of the cart. Afterwards, Mrs. Brown gave Mrs. White an angry look, as if to say, “who the Hell are you and why did you touch my child??” Mrs. Brown had failed to grasp the danger to her child while Mrs. White spotted the danger immediately. Of course, Mrs. Brown failed to thank Mrs. White for possibly saving her child from serious injury or death.

The point to this story is that Whites are naturally more cautious than non-Whites. Unfortunately, this fact is ignored daily in hiring, firing, renting, dating, marriage, etc. (For example, the manager of an apartment complex must rent to people who are more likely to damage an apartment [i.e., non-Whites] because federal law says that he cannot discriminate against non-Whites when making renting decisions).

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  7. 13 Responses to “Race and Cautiousness”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The story is definitely true, we have all seen similar incidents at the local level and in our workplaces. However, surely the most important lesson provided by the story is that White people are far too helpful and caring in their dealings with non-whites, and this attitude invariably rebounds on us and is detrimental to our welfare and security.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      As this story illustrates White people cannot mind their own damn business. They always have to meddle in the affairs of non-Whites, especially White women and Christian missionaries. If I were a Negro I would resent that meddling too. Of course being a Negro I would also have to be extremely irresponsible and uppity, giving no thought whatsoever for anything except what gratifies me at the moment.

    3. fd Says:

      Your text made me laugh, Tim McGreen. The White woman has no idea that Negroes care nothing of her except for donations.

      Off subject: General Sherman and General Hood were sending each other letters filled with insults to the point it was comedy (the battle for Georgia).

      Finally Hood writes: “. . . we will fight you to the death. Better die a thousand deaths than submit to live under you or your Government and your negro allies.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      This recklessness makes the Negro good in niggerball sports, but in real life it is a serious impediment (except if one sees unlimited and uncaring reproduction as a survival strategy).

      Dr. Duke says, in My Awakening, that it was the oncoming cold of the deadly winter in Europe that caused White people to plan ahead, and to see forecoming dangers.

      The sun gives life, but the cold gives awareness.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      I must say, though, I agree with the Tim McGreen entity.

      They are not US—-leave them alone! Don’t interfere with their abortions, their failures, their starvations, etc.

      The White women expected to have the darky break out into Negro spirituals at her loving kindness–pah! What an ego trip.

    6. Mel Brooks Says:

      The only entity Mrs. White’s actions were of benefit to was the store and it’s legal department. Mrs. Shitstain was probably hoping for a hard landing and a big payout. The stubs near here in Santa Rosa, CA are in a frenzy over some stublette that was ventilated by the local ADL..err..Mos..err.. LEOs for refusing to surrender a modded (some orange markings removed(?) toy gun. The media furor has gone on longer than 3 Russian Christmases and a HolyCost movie festival. I expect that the 70% or so of SR’s white population will peg out for this imbecile’s familia big-time.

      Truthfully, most Mesos I see around here DO NOT take any shit from their kids. I have seen these women whomp them with a fury that made even me cringe. In my own kidhood, we took some mighty big chances..and often as not lost the bet. And my folks made sure it was understood that I should take the lesson from it and buck up. There’s a playground on an access road in my town-it consists of those Nerf-y plastic blocks no more than 2-3 feet off the ground. How fucking boring is that? My friends and I had sunbaked steel slides 10 feet off the ground, monkey bars over asphault (a pretty forgiving surface, btw) and rope swings in eucalyptus trees. It’s no wonder so many youngsters wind up dead in accidents these days. They never had to endure the physical, painful consequences for their actions.

      Killed By Nerf http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV6noHEd6XE

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just heard that the White-hating Marxist/terrorist Nelson Mandela is dead. Predictably, the Kike kontrolled press is going into orgiastic raptures about Mandela and all the wonderful changes he brought to South Africa. You’d think god himself had just died. Now our Commander in Chimp will fly over there and try to hog the spotlight for himself, reading something like this off the Tele-Prompter that his Jew handlers always take along: “On behalf of all Americans I want to express my condolences over the loss of this truly great leader and champion of blah, blah, blah………” Don’t you presume to speak on MY behalf, boy. Y’hear?

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      But as far as permissive or irresponsible parenting goes there are a lot of White parents today who really deserve a good public whipping. They pay for their 13 year old daughters to get breast implants, belly rings and just above the ass-crack tattoos. They let their kids mouth off to the teachers and bully the smaller kids in class. The 14 year old daughters are hooking up with 40 year old sex-predators they meet using the fancy-ass Smartphones that Mom and Dad bought for them. The 16 year old boy stays out all night binge-drinking with his jock buddies, hires strippers using Dad’s credit card and then smashes up the family SUV. They never receive any kind of punishment for their bad behavior, there are never any consequences to worry about.

      Those spoiled White pricks never had it so good, yet they constantly have an “attitude”. In the old days both Black and White parents kept their unruly kids under control with a simple leather and brass buckled device known as The Strap. Just looking at it was enough to make even the most incorrigible brat straighten up real fast.

    9. Mel Brooks Says:

      Lessee here (grabs the temperamental-as-sh*t-but-ingenious-Logitech-Harmony)..click..channel 2, Povich, channel 4, LAO-SVU, channel 5, Queen Latifah, channel 7, Jeopardy, PBS Deepok somebody…what’s happening? It’s an Evil White Male media blackout!……….cable, yeah, cable..err..C-SPAN.YES..Oh Thank G*d! “endless champion of dumborcrazy, fapfapfap..”..Oh wait! It’s Barry! “He belongs to the ages fapfap”.. Oh I MUST get to Berkeley for the vigils and drum circles! Where are the Subaru keys? Wait, wait! Leave the set on! Bill Gates just Tweeted..and a Tween lesbian is reading a poem! Oh and a Jew is on the phone..LIVE! And even some evil old white lady from flyover country. Damn, there’s another Jew talking about Reagan..oh I know-record it on the DVR, we’ll miss all the best spots on Telegraph Ave. if we don’t go now. Got the Fast Pass? Ooooo..wait! It’s Billy Clinton!…oh it’s soooo tragic..grab that carton of Silk and let’s go!

    10. fd Says:

      Berkely is also known as Little Moscow !

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Alchemica Lucifer1 day ago Actually, educated blacks, generally speaking, are even more dangerous than thuggy youths. Dangerous, in that most of them are cultural marxists who know how to use the ‘system’ against whites. In other words, no matter how nice we are to them they will NEVER side with us. As well, many of them take white women as breeding mates.



    12. Maynard Says:

      Mudshark files lawsuit against school district. I wonder how long it will be before the Feds are involved?

      School district being sued

      Mother claims discrimination for two daughters

      by Sally Boyd
      19 hours ago |339 Views | 0 Comments | | Email | Print

      A claim of racial discrimination has formed the basis of a lawsuit filed against the Bellevue School District by a former Bellevue woman who claims her two biracial daughters faced discrimination by staff and students at both the Bellevue High School and Bellevue Middle School during the two years they were enrolled here.

      Sabrina Reel, now of Sandusky, filed the claim in U.S. District Court, Toledo, on Nov. 22, alleging her daughters, ages 15 and 17 faced a variety of discriminatory acts throughout their two years in the district. She is suing the Bellevue School District, the Bellevue Board of Education, Molly Porter in her capacity as BHS assistant principal, and BMS Principal John Bollinger.

      The suit states the two girls were “deprived of a constitutional right,” under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution and that “defendants’ actions… resulted in severe and debilitating emotional distress.”

      Reel, who is represented by attorneys David Forrest of the MKFMlaw offices, Cleveland, and Robert Zelvy of Robert Zelvy and Associates, Sandusky, is requesting a jury trial in the case. District Court Judge Jack Zouhary and Magistrate Judge James R. Knepp II have been assigned to the case.

      In her suit, Reel alleges her two daughters, identified as “J” and “S,” who enrolled in the district in August 2011, faced ongoing racial discrimination, were “good and competent students with excellent physical appearances, demeanor and neat and appropriate attire.” In addition, “J” was said to be “an exemplary straight-A honors student.”

      According to the claim, “From the time that J and S arrived as new students in the Bellevue City Schools until their withdrawal… in August 2013, they were subjected to a course of racial discrimination, harassment, bigotry, racist comments and actions from administrators, teachers and students despite their and their mother’s pleas to end the disparaging treatment.”

      Reel’s suit states that shortly after J became a new Bellevue Middle School student, she was “singled out by Principal John Bollinger” during a school assembly and asked to come to the front of the auditorium. Although she thought she was going to be praised, the suit states that “Mr. Bollinger ordered her to go to the bathroom and put up her hair… Mr. Bollinger admonished her at the assembly in the presence of her peers, telling her that her hair was a ‘distraction’ to the school.”

      Reel claims that “despite several meetings with school authorities,” Bollinger “made no record of Mrs. Reel’s complaint of racial discrimination, discounting and treating it with deliberate indifference.”

      A second instance regarding J was said to have taken place near the end of her first school year at BMS, when she was disciplined for violating a rule, with school administrators ignoring similar rules’ infractions committed by Caucasian girls.

      In the fall of 2012, J entered Bellevue High School as a freshman. “During a class, a student struck her in the back of the head with a pen,” and using the N-word. She was suspended when she attempted to defend herself, the suit states, adding, “The same student continued to harass her with racist remarks, such as ‘That’s why your grandpa picked cotton for my grandpa.’”

      During a March 2013 drug search at the high school, the suit says “J was singled out, taken to the office by Assistant Principal Molly Porter and made to remove her socks. She was then escorted to her locker where a full search of her personal belongings was made.”

      J, according to the suit, attempted to question the reason and was told by Mrs. Porter that her classroom teacher reported suspecting that J was hiding drugs in her socks. After a complaint by Reel, the suit states that Porter “discounted Mrs. Reel’s complaint, treating it with deliberate indifference and disdain.”

      In another incident, the suit alleges a teacher failed to discipline a student in J’s class who stood and made a strong racist remark, causing J to leave the room and seek out her sister, S, both of whom then left school. And, in a May 2013 incident, a male student told J to “take her black *** back to Africa.” That incident was reported and the male was suspended.

      However, according to the suit, “following the suspension, students retaliated against J, tormenting her with racist text messages.” Her sister, S, it states, “was also targeted with racist and inappropriate comments.”

      Both girls were accused of “creating a ‘distraction in the educational process,’” in a letter sent to Mrs. Reel on May 23, 2013, by Porter, who also said “that if J and S did not ‘cease and desist’ their actions, continued confrontations might result in an out of school suspension for both.”

      Finally, the last claim made in the suit says that at the end of J’s freshman year, she questioned the amount of points given to her on history report projects, including one on Martin Luther King Jr. “J believed that” the teacher “was discriminating against her by awarding her less points than those awarded to similarly situated students in her class.”

      As as result of the various allegations, the suit says “defendants’ failure caused Mrs. Reel to remove her children from the Bellevue School District and relocate her residence, causing damages and emotional distress.”

      Bellevue Superintendent Kim Schubert, who pointed out the Board of Education has policies on anti-harassment and non-discrimination in place, on Tuesday commented, “We value and respect each and every student we serve… I am confident that we follow our policies. We take our policies very serious and work hard to ensure that all of our students are protected. We do not tolerate violations against these policies and we deal with situations as they arise.”

      In addition to a jury trial, the law suit seeks unspecified compensatory damages, punitive damages against the individual defendants, an injunction against the defendants from violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the U.S. Constitution and the statutory rights of its citizens, and appropriate costs, and attorneys’ fees.

    13. Howdy Doody Says:

      Messycans since the 1980’s have been throwing/stuffing shitty diapers all over Canada and the USSA.

      Hollywood joos and comics don’t pieck on these brown stubby bastards.

      They hate WHITE’S.

      They can’t put them in a garbage bag and properly dispose of them.

      They do this vile act of stuffing shit fill diapers at hotels, apartments as section 8 bastards who are White hating filthy scum.

      I was going for hike at a State park, and as drove in the parking lot it was empty except for one van leaving that was loading brown stubbies and a Pit Bull.

      As I walked the trail the first 150 had fresh trash and shit filled diapers thrown about.

      Media criminals won’t mention this filthy disgusting show of hate and disrespect.