13 October, 2015

Democrat Debates Tonight

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Here’s a question to ponder: why do people still vote for liberals? The liberal answer to any problem is “get the federal government involved” (e.g., Obamacare, gun control, Affirmative Action). Fifty years of “Big Federal Government/Heavy Taxation To Pay For It” aren’t enough? The liberal voters need more federal intervention and more taxation? Are they retarded, or do they just take too many drugs, or what?


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  7. 3 Responses to “Democrat Debates Tonight”

    1. Jurgen Says:

      Yes. These liberal idiots are so blinded by their hate and jealousy of those who achieve, that they will take the hit themselves, just as long as “those rich bastards get taken down too.” It’s completely ill, and oh so jewy.

    2. fd Says:

      The Democrat party was super racist into the 1960s, before falling apart. Times don’t change, people do.

      The Dunning school of scholars at the history department of Columbia University:

      “. . . the Democrats, as the group which included the vast majority of the whites, standing for decent government and racial supremacy, versus the Republicans, the Negroes, alien carpetbaggers, and renegade scalawags, standing for dishonest government and alien ideals. These historians wrote literally in terms of white and black.”

    3. H. Mueller Says:

      “Are they retarded, or do they just take too many drugs, or what?”