20 February, 2016

Trump: the Last Hope for Whites Before America Turns Brown and Non-Western

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Donald Trump has won the South Carolina primary tonight. Good. Why? Because: Rubio? An “Establishment Man” who will do nothing for Whites. Cruz? Same. Hillary Clinton? Same. Sanders? You must be joking. Only Trump can turn back the brown tide, and thinking Whites know this. Is Trump the ideal man? Nope, but he’ll do until the ideal man gets here.

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  7. 17 Responses to “Trump: the Last Hope for Whites Before America Turns Brown and Non-Western”

    1. Mike Says:

      Oy vey.

    2. fd Says:

      I believe Trump will expand Federal authority.

      If Trump destroys the IRS, reduces Federal despotism and promotes statehood as the highest authority, I might look up. I concede that he is better than the lot. It’s just that a federal agent cannot be trusted.

    3. Jürgen Says:

      I do like the White Nationalist principles I see and hear in Trump.

      Yet I think the ZOG is going to assassinate him. These power-hungry
      jews will not let Donald just walk away with their power.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      I don’t intend to be flippant, but getting assassinated by zog would be a ‘good career move’. Obviously not for Trump, but for White people to finally see there is no alternative but White Revolution.
      Anyway, I’m not sure if a Trump victory would actually aid our survival. It would be a temporary papering over the cracks, a feel-good interval causing us to relax. A Trump victory will only be good for us if somehow he releases the latent energy within White America and channels it clean the Augean Stables.

    5. fd Says:

      If Trump is Dry Gulched by the world conquerors, it will prove that he didn’t understand the situation.

      Bonehead protesters in Oregon and Nevada who waved the colors of the Federal ensign and harped about the Federal Constitution are a good example of ignorant 14th amendment police state citizens. They didn’t know their enemy.

      Be careful who you arm up with.

    6. sam Says:

      his daughter is a jew…..

    7. Luke Says:

      fd said: ‘If Trump is Dry Gulched by the world conquerors, it will prove that he didn’t understand the situation.’

      Valid point. And, although I am pro-Trump for the most part – any ideas that I had in my mind that Trump knows the score on the jews has just about been completely dispelled by his recent decision to stir up the issue of 9-11 and proclaim that he is going to reveal who were really responsible for that event and then proceeds to suggest that he suspects Saudi Arabia, instead of naming Israel. This tells me two things about Trump that fit in to what fd said.

      First, he has no real understanding of just how dangerous an enemy these jews are and by deliberately making comments like these in public – he is putting ideas inside their evil and mentally unstable heads that are are scaring the shit out them, and that could easily result in them picking up their phones and dialing 1-800-Mossad-Hit-Team. Secondly, if Trump thinks he is being clever by avoiding mentioning Israel and instead suggesting Saudi involvement – he is a fool, if he thinks he can toy with this topic and rope-a-dope the jews in some kind of cat and mouse game, and then once in the White House pull a switcheroo and finger them instead. They see through his game and know that he is taunting them.

      Alex Linder said it best when he stated that it is not possible to sneak up on the world’s most paranoid race of people. If Trump was smart, and assuming he did know the real score – his best move would be to steer clear of this topic completely and then once elected, THEN open it up.

    8. Luke Says:

      I want to sheepishly apologize for an inaccuracy in my earlier post.

      I cited an incorrect phone number. The correct number would be:


      Sorry about that.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Tim MdGreen has told us, from the Other Side, that Hillary will be the next President.

      I indeed do fear an assassination.

    10. Socrates Says:

      sam Says: “his daughter is a jew…”

      Yes, but a convert, not a racial Jew.

    11. fd Says:

      It would not surprise me in the least if Hillary becomes the next president.

      Jews are Asiatic at root. They have more Mongoloid dna markers than you can shake a stick at, yet they insist on being White. A hard bent desperate people.

    12. rigor mortis Says:

      The recent demise of Antonin Scalia, may have been anticipated by the Kikes in their believe that the Supreme court may elect the next President. So knowing the kikes they want Bongo to appoint a mud or kike(ass) to the court in order to deny Trump the election. By hook or crook the bitch Hillary will be the Democrat nominee. Also in the background as a dark horse, is the former jew dork shitty mayor Bloomberg, a real Israeli firster, no doubt a cohen among cohens like jeboo.

    13. Luke Says:

      This might be a little off-topic, but it is definitely related the jews White Genocide agenda.

      The popular TV show The Walking Dead – has decided to turn the main White character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) into an oil driller. This Grimes character had been involved with a White blonde female – but, in the first episode after the mid-season break – she and her two wacko sons all get eaten by Zombies, which the jews needed to do to get her out of the way and to pave the way for Rick to suddenly decide to hook up with the ugliest, coal-blackest, most repulsive African woman on the show. And, this woman is BLACK, so black that she almost has a blue tint to her – so I’m sure the jews wanted to hook this white guy up with the most genetically obliterating, White DNA destroying black gene pool specimen possible.

      Last year the Walking Dead started pushing fudge packing, and I was wondering how long it would take for the jew script writers to start pushing the White genocide agenda. Well, now they have crossed the line and done so.

      It is my impression that the viewing audience for this top rated show are overwhelmingly White. Well, I am scratching this show off my netflix list and will not watch another episode of it.

      It will be interesting to see if the ratings do a nose dive, now that the jews are spewing their White genocide agenda in the faces of the White viewing audiences.

    14. Socrates Says:

      Luke, yeah, I saw that. Instead of Rick having a relationship with that blonde woman, he instead does the “mattress mambo” with a negro. Sad.

    15. rigor mortis Says:

      Did ya get a good look at the Scalia funeral, front center mourner was fellowess kikess Ruth, like some voodoo priestess minus the bone through the nose. She looks like dried up old reptile, no crocodile tears from her ,it, whatever.

    16. Joe Smith Says:

      Trump is turning you all into chumps. http://bit.ly/1Q5gC34

    17. Socrates Says:

      Joe Smith Says: “Trump is turning you all into chumps.”

      Why is the burden on us? We are only backing a common-sense candidate. The burden is on the Jews and leftists who call common sense “hate.”