27 May, 2017

White Philosophy: America’s Role in the World Must Be Reversed and the USA Must Become the Savior of the West

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Some food for thought: Tom Metzger once said that the West will stand or fall on the fate of America. I think that’s correct. America is the largest, richest, freest and most heavily-armed Western country [1]. Therefore, America must change its current direction and it must do it soon. America must become the “big firewall” against the New World Order [2]. It must stop acting as the leader of the NWO (which it has since the end of WWII) and start acting as the savior of the West. America must understand the key role it needs to play in saving Western culture. If America can break the Jewish stranglehold on her, she can lead Western man to greatness once again. The Jews are powerful, yes, but there aren’t very many of them (the entire world population is only 2% Jewish). They can’t control America forever. (In fact, Whites are already starting to wake up to the reality of Jewish power in America. There are many more White nationalist blogs and websites now than there were just a few years ago. That’s a reasonable indicator, I think. Also, Whites are beginning to reject the Jewish mainstream media; all of the big newspapers and magazines are experiencing record-low readership rates and that includes web-based media; and traditional TV viewing has significantly decreased since 2011).


[1] “heavily-armed” refers to both the military and to citizen gun ownership

[2] America must fight multiculturalism, brown immigration, Cultural Marxism and anti-White ideas

  • 2 Responses to “White Philosophy: America’s Role in the World Must Be Reversed and the USA Must Become the Savior of the West”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Hell Yeah!!

      The Whole Trick is HOW
      To Break the Stranglehold of

      DER EWIGE JUDEN. —-the eternal Jew
      For those who dont speak German or know that
      Famous phrase for the Yids.

      The Jews Will Start. Or Try to start a Civil War
      Or maybe even WW3 before they let us Go

      Was it Hitler who said
      IS WITH A SWORD. “

    2. fd Says:

      The United States, to me, a euphemism for the Federal government, has no intentions of doing anything for White people but continue their system of forced amalgamation that has existed from 1865 forward.