21 December, 2018

More About the Jew’emberg Tribunal Which Found Nazis “Guilty” of “War Crimes”

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Newbies, the more you study the Nuremberg show trials, the more Jewy they become. Here’s a quote mentioning F.D. Roosevelt’s powerful Jewish adviser, Samuel Rosenman, and his role in creating the Nuremberg show trials. The whole Nuremberg thing was one big bar-mitzvah from beginning to end. It was a Jewish construct of hate and revenge. The 13 “trials” conducted against the Germans from 1945 to 1949 weren’t trials at all, in the legal sense. They were clever dog-and-pony shows designed to make the Germans look evil and the “allies” look saintly (e.g., normal rules of trial evidence were thrown out at Nuremberg and hearsay evidence was allowed. That’s incredible).


“Recalled from his diplomatic mission in London to impose an American style war crimes policy by the unexpected death of President Roosevelt, Sam Rosenman continued refining blueprints for what became the Nuremberg Charter in a series of informal negotiations at the UN San Francisco Conference.” — page 434, near bottom, [Article]. (Newbies, imagine members of an illegal, criminal state [i.e., the Soviet Union] sitting in “legal” judgement of members of a legitimate, lawfully-created government/state [i.e., Germany]; Hitler was appointed legally, but Stalin wasn’t because the Soviet Union was created illegally).

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      No one in the European defenses against the j00 World ate very well in the last two years of the war. FDR/NYC was the reason Western civilization lost and Hollywood rules, for now.

      nick SOULE
      1 month ago
      @TheTapio88 your clearly missing the point of the entire scene, the reason why the Germans are surprised by the food they are given is because they havent eaten food like that in a few years, and its really showing the level of logistical support the allies hard over the Germans, the Germans are so use to eating rations that they have not had a full fine dinner like this in most likely 5-8 years, so it literally a surprise that they are getting all this nice food that they couldn’t get themselves but some how the allies have it ?

      it shows the difference strengths of each Army, logistical support of allies vs the technical/design skills of the Germans, just like how the Russian do not understand how the “white tiger” operates during the film, the Germans do not understand how the allies have access to the food they have, as the Germans havent been eating food like the allies and the Allies were not building tanks like the Germans, it literally a mirror to reflect the same feelings the Russians have toward the tiger tank but now with the germans feelings toward the allies ability to have the food they do…

      Believe it or not, food is one thing during war that isnt easy to get ..so the allies having all this fine food just waiting t5o give to the germans was a slap in the germans face from the allies pov while the germans are confused as to how they have access to the quality of food, just like the allies are slapped in the face by the white tiger tank/german technology ….

      And for those who know history, ww2 was literally a quality vs quantity battle as the germans had like 80 million population vs biritish 100 million plus, russian 120 million plus and the U.S. 100 million, so in essence the only wat the german could win was by design weapons far superior to the Allies that could acheive kill ratios of 5-10:1 meaning that germans smaller population could of effectively war the war if they had divided their enemies or tryed ot face them 1 at a time and not all at once?