3 December, 2018

Video: The Madness of Transgender Medicine

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There’s no such thing as a transgender or transsexual human [1]. Nonetheless, the media uses the word “transgender” daily. Donald Trump was right about one thing: the lying media is just that. (Yet, journalists insist that they’re driven by truth and accuracy). The scary thing about this issue is: what comes next? What will the media lie about next year? This is just the beginning of the brazen, over-the-top lies.

[Video; duration is 41 minutes].

[1] “transgender” or “transsexual” — call them what you will, the claim is that a human can change from being a man to being a woman, or vice versa, which is of course biologically impossible; wearing a dress doesn’t make a man a female, it makes him a man who wears a dress!

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