6 March, 2019

Scaring Innocent Children: It’s What the Left Does

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Childhood used to be a fun, idyllic, innocent time. But it isn’t anymore. Cultural Marxism and Judeo-leftism have ruined childhood forever. If you’re a kid today, the world must seem terrifying.

“Active-shooter” drills, “global warming/climate change” hysteria (e.g., “the earth will end in 12 years!”) and scary-looking “drag queens” giving “tolerance lessons” to kindergartners — all of this in the public schools: that’s child abuse. Yes. Scaring children daily is indeed child abuse [1]. And, the Left is creating an entire generation of defective adults by default. Look for depression, anxiety, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence and suicide rates to skyrocket in the next 20 years. Leftists are destroying America’s future and they should be arrested on child-abuse charges.

[1] for example, Texas has a law prohibiting any adult from causing “mental or emotional injury to a child.” So when will leftists in Texas schools be arrested? Anytime soon?

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  7. One Response to “Scaring Innocent Children: It’s What the Left Does”

    1. fd Says:

      Scumbag Federals on the Potomac forced children of the 1960s to crawl under their desk. They told us Russia was going to drop atomic bombs on elementary schools. The horrors of Federal tyranny. They were training us to be 14th amendment police state citizens. It backfired.