23 December, 2019

Big Air-Travel Joins Forces With Big Fag. Why? Queers Are a Tiny Percentage of the Population

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What the hell is a “non-binary” gender? There’s no such thing. Sex/gender is binary (meaning “two”: male and/or female). There is nothing else. Just two. And, “LGBTQ organizations”? Total bullshit as well, since there is no such thing as “transgender.”

Queers are a tiny minority (approximately 3.8% of the U.S. population according to one poll) but notice how Big Business fawns over them like they are very important people! [1]. Do you want to fly “Culturally Marxist” skies? I don’t. Cultural Marxism (aka Political Correctness) is based on lies, and lies are always dangerous, regardless of the situation. Good things never come from lies. Note the stress here on employees using mandated “proper pronouns” to address trannies or queers (gee, we wouldn’t want to use the wrong pronouns for trannies, would we?? Noooo, that would be terrible, calling a she a “he”! Good heavens. Importantly, Americans greatly over-estimate the number of queers in America. That’s part of the plan: the queer lobby has gone to great lengths to make queers seem ubiquitous when their actual numbers are tiny. Also importantly, the pro-queer movement in the West has been run almost entirely by Jews, beginning with Magnus Hirschfeld in Germany circa 1905).



[1] according to a 2015 poll with a claimed margin of error of +/- 4%. But I think the 3.8% number is actually too high because today, homosexuality has become “hip and trendy” and some young people will, no doubt, claim to be “bi” or “gay” when they aren’t

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