7 December, 2019

Recalling Pearl Harbor, Yet Again

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America poked Japan with a stick for 4 years because it dared to sign the 1936/1937 Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and Italy (America could have signed it as well, but of course we didn’t, because that would have been logical) [1]. But that wasn’t enough for America. We began strangling Japan, so to speak, preventing it from getting oil. So Japan attacked America at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Thanks, Roosevelt, you crippled commie asshole. (Now, Roosevelt’s image is found on the U.S. dime. Why? He wasn’t worth a nickel, let alone a dime).



[1] America criticized the signing of the Anti-Comintern Pact and said that those countries that signed it were simply “using” anti-communism as a clever way to reject democracy, and that such rejection of democracy was a horrible thing that could lead to war and even to global conquest by the Axis powers! I find it more than funny that America had no problem with its buddy, the Soviet Union, rejecting democracy! As a matter of fact, America, under Roosevelt’s leadership, recognized the communist-run, criminal-run Soviet Union as “legitimate” very early, way back in November 1933, even though it was not legitimate: its leaders were not legitimately elected or appointed

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      https://www.amren.com/archives/back-issues/january-2003/#cover Part of the treason to get the US population of 1941 in to war was a crime, but that is not a enough. The spoiled brats of the Nips treated magnanimously from 1942 to 1944 wanted to get their rejected by Japan and US asses on the pity paddy wagon of racial war on US in 1965, they wanted to be the the black and brown beaner berets etc. They took their gibbs me that tax free to a man in 1989 the CSPAN hearings led by Barney Frank in 1985 were a disgrace that 99% of the kwa never even knew about. NOT ONE JACK ASS nip wrote ONE article or letter to any one rejecting the money. If any White knew the entire truth of these Western hating back stabbing fucks they would be made to pay the dough back with interest in three years or go to Japan, but maybe they don’t want them. I have only respect for Japan, not the stinking Nessi japs. https://www.amren.com/archives/back-issues/january-2003/#cover

      FDR knew the attack was coming ! He called in the Red Cross Directer in DC to his office a week before the baited attack and told him to fly to CA. and load up a ship with medical supplies and blood and get going. The Red Cross directors daughter was age 15 she died a few years back and in her memoirs she wrote that.

      FDR also rather than issue orders for the 6500 Western women/children dependents in the flip islands to start shipping them slowly in Sept of 1941 they did nothing. FDR and his hate crew out of NYC were so worried that White Western Americans who were so anti war that even with the Dec. 7 attack they might not go war after all, so after the attack the played the natural racial tack on US telling the public about the horrible nips and our captured women and children, rat bastars.