16 January, 2020

Virginia: More ERA Equality Crap from Professional Leftist Liars

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News quote: “Virginia passes Equal Rights Amendment, becoming 38th state to approve landmark resolution”.

The Virginia state government is now 100% leftist top-to-bottom. That means anything can happen in Virginia now, no matter how crazy it might be! The Speaker of the Virginia House is a Jewish woman, Eileen Filler-Corn. And to think, Virginia was a Confederate state! Look for scary political things to happen in Virginia now.

For example: The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)? Why are we still talking about a failed, fraudulent constitutional amendment written by left-wing socialists (i.e., written by Paul and Crystal Eastman and Alice Paul) way back in 1923?

There’s no such thing as human equality. Is a 5’2″ Black woman with an IQ of 90 “equal” to a 6’4″ White man with an IQ of 140? No. Human equality is bullshit. Yet, the Left keeps hoping that humans can become equal if only America can pass enough laws or, in this case, enough constitutional amendments. It’s all Marxist baloney. Here’s the sad news: women already have so-called “equal rights.” It’s already illegal to “discriminate” against women in any way, shape or form, thanks to various federal laws and mandates, e.g., the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and especially the more-horrible-in-many-ways 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act. So why are they even bothering to talk about the now-dead “ERA”? Screw the ERA. Bury it already.

(Here’s a great quote from somebody: “Women think equality is a buffet. They pick and chose what they want and turn down the rest.” This is also known as: “having all of the equality, but none of the responsibility” [like going to war, or fighting off a burglar]).


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