4 March, 2020

The Four Jews Who Murdered the World

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Think about this for a minute: What if there had been no Karl Marx? Or no Moses Hess? Or no Bolsheviks? No Soviet Union? No Red Terror or CHEKA? No Communist China? No 100-million-innocent-people murdered by Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot? No expensive, 40-year “Cold War” in America? No Frankfurt School? No “Old Left” or “New Left” in America? No Korean War or Vietnam War? No North Korea? No Cuba? No Cultural Marxism or aggressive leftism in the West? No 1960s “civil rights” revolution in America? It’s hard to imagine. But, none of those things would have happened without four key Jews: the godfathers of communism and socialism (and by default of radical leftism). To put it plainly, without communism and its better-looking sisters, socialism and radical leftism, those horrible things above — and many, many others — wouldn’t have happened. Indeed, The War On White People wouldn’t be happening now. It never would have begun!

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