19 May, 2020

Third-World Countries Want Covid-19 Bailouts, i.e., a Massive Wealth Transfer is Brewing

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(Above: Harry Dexter White: a Jew, a spy and a traitor).

Gee, $160 billion dollars. That’s a lot of White money. This will be a massive wealth transfer from White to non-White countries, this time using Coronavirus as the excuse. That’s been part of the globalist plan all along: historically speaking, globalism has been about strengthening the Brown/Black countries while weakening the White Western countries in order to “equalize” the world. After all, it wouldn’t be “fair” if White people had all the money and all the resources. What? The Black and Brown people will pay back the money eventually?? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Suuuure. I’d like to see Haiti or Nicaragua pay back $5.00 dollars.

Oh, by the way, which Jew created the World Bank in mid-1944? Right, the Soviet spy, Harry Dexter White, who worked at the U.S. Treasury Department and who helped drag America into WWII by lying about Japan’s intentions [1].

(Isn’t it odd that so many globalist entities are located in the USA? The UN is located in NYC, and both the World Bank and the IMF are in Washington, DC. Must be just a Cohencidence).



[1] “Without question, Harry Dexter White was one of the two great intellectual founders of the IMF and the World Bank.” — www.imf.org

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