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9 February, 2022

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Newbies, these are “Red Scare”-era movies. Despite what the liberals say, the Red Scare was very real. There were, in fact, hundreds of communists inside many areas of the U.S. government, and in Hollywood and in the labor unions. Presidents F.D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman both knew about the communist infiltration of America but they […]

8 August, 2021

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No one is safe when leftists control the government, since they have no standards and no morals. Not only was the U.S. government full of Soviet spies during the WWII years and afterwards, but, when told about the spies, the next leftist government (the Truman administration, which began in April 1945) did nothing about the […]

19 May, 2020

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(Above: Harry Dexter White: a Jew, a spy and a traitor). Gee, $160 billion dollars. That’s a lot of White money. This will be a massive wealth transfer from White to non-White countries, this time using Coronavirus as the excuse. That’s been part of the globalist plan all along: historically speaking, globalism has been about […]

15 March, 2020

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(Above: the Jew, William Kashtan, posing as a White Canadian). The communist party of Canada, just like in America and Australia, was led largely by Jews. For example, William Kashtan (1909–1993). He was general secretary of the Communist Party of Canada. Another big Jew in Canadian communism was Fred Rose (real name Fishel Rosenberg; 1907–1983). […]

8 June, 2017

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Is there any Jew, anywhere, who isn’t a security risk? Since Roman times, the Jews have been seen as sneaky, disloyal and “impossible to trust.” Indeed, most of the people who spied on America for the Soviet Union were yids. Furthermore, the only U.S. Congressman caught spying for the Soviets was…you guessed it, a Jew. […]

25 August, 2015

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Fred Rosenberg, a Jew, is the only member of Canadian parliament to ever be charged with spying for the Soviet Union. Likewise, Samuel Dickstein, also a Jew, is the only U.S. congressman to have spied for the Soviet Union (although his spying activities were discovered posthumously).

8 July, 2014

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(Above: Victor Perlo, with his wife) The UN wants to make it easier for America to be invaded by Third World riff-raff. By the way, the UN was founded by Jews, e.g., Leo Pasvolsky, Solomon Adler, Victor Perlo, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. Some of those Jews were communists, e.g., Perlo. Some were also spies for the […]

9 October, 2008

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Jewish actor Leslie Howard’s plane was shot down by the Germans off the coast of France in 1943; it has never been found. The Germans apparently knew that he was spying for the allies. Interestingly, Howard (above) looked and acted like an upper-crust gentile: [Article].

15 June, 2008

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Notice the mention of Jewish judge Mukasey, who is now Attorney General: [Here].

10 June, 2008

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  Group urges recall of Venezuela diplomat CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A leading anti-Semitism watchdog group wants Venezuela’s ambassador to Russia recalled. The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center says Ambassador Alexis Navarro made anti-Semitic comments. Navarro was quoted by the daily Moscow News as saying that a failed 2002 coup that briefly ousted President Hugo […]