3 September, 2020

Trannies and Violence: They Go Together Like a Cheeseburger and Fries

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Fact: a disproportionate number of antifa thugs are trannies (“transgender” people).

I recall seeing a TV talk show a few years ago. There was a tranny (“male-to-female”) on the show, along with a conservative man who questioned the validity of trannyism. In response to that questioning, the tranny actually threatened the conservative man with physical violence! On live TV!

What is it with trannies and violence? It’s very curious. On that note: here is an interesting and gruesome double-murder case from 2004. About the killer in that California crime case, named Deleon, who received the death penalty for the crime:

“There was another motive, and it was a primary motive, and that was that Skylar Deleon wanted to get gender-reassignment surgery“… [Here].

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