3 October, 2020

Biological Leninism

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A very interesting essay. While I disagree with it on a couple of points, on the whole it’s an important food-for-thought essay [1].

I want to make two general, historical points here, for newbies:

1. The stupidest thing White men ever did (and they have done some dumb things!) was to allow The Other/The Outsider to gain social/political/economic power in the West. Giving Blacks/Browns/Jews/women/Marxists/queers/trannies the power to vote, hold public office, etc., etc. is literally killing the West. Remember: Western culture is White male culture. Period. In fact, you could argue that the West is no longer western anymore. It’s now diverse. It’s run by “fringe” idiots who hate White men due to envy. Look for White men to be killed off soon by the always-angry loser fringe.

2. The Others are not nearly as capable as White men. There’s a reason why White men invented the world! No amount of fancy “fringe-‘splaining” can change the embarrassing fact that White men, if left to their natural talents only, and unhindered, will always dominate the world. Question: why is China a superpower now? Why has India risen so high lately? Answer: lots and lots of outside help from the West! After all, who shipped all the White jobs and White money to China (besides the Jewish Clinton aide, Sandy Berger, I mean)? Without a giant “leg up” from Whitey, the non-White world would still be a third-rate loser today (as Jim Carrey: “Looo-hooo-hooo-hooo-zer!”).


[1] for example, I don’t agree that the 1917 “Russian Revolution” was a remarkable feat. All it took was A) Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff funding it, and B) the czarist government being asleep at the wheel — it surely could see the revolution coming, especially after the 1905 attempt at revolution, duhh!, mentioned in a major magazine in 1907 [here] and [here], (a revolution which was also driven by Jews)

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    1. Mike Espy Says:

      Sad thing is, you can’t even trust your own people to help you. For the non white everything, for you, nothing.