17 March, 2021

A New Queer Theory, Redux

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(Above: the Jew, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld).

Oops, my bad. Recall my post of yesterday when I said that I had just invented a radical new queer theory. Well, I am informed now that such a queer theory already exists. Crap! There goes my opportunity to be a pioneering queer theorist — don’t you hate it when that happens?? [1]. That theory is called “gender-fluid” (which is part of the whole “genderqueer” movement. “Genderqueer” means “anyone who is not sexual/gender normal” — for example, a tranny, a gender-fluid, etc.).

Of course, the genderqueer movement, like the homosexual movement, is heavily Jewish. And don’t forget who started the whole genderqueer movement way back circa 1905 (although it wasn’t called that then): the Jew, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, the godfather of sexual weirdness.


[1] hat tip: VNN forum member Erik T. White

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