6 February, 2022

Hanson on America Today

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The 2020 federal election was stolen: there’s no possible way that Joe Biden got 81 million votes. More like 81,000 votes. (Consider: Biden gave a political rally just before the 2020 election and there was nobody there except a few reporters! Stunning!). We don’t even know who’s in charge in DC now. Certainly it’s not Dementia Joe. We have huge supply-chain issues and 40-year-high inflation. Gas prices have doubled. Our southern border is wide open. Bums are pooping in the streets and engaging in wholesale shoplifting (pun intended) in California and New York. The only good thing now is that the mainstream media has lost all credibility. Nobody believes the media anymore. Even retards don’t trust the media anymore. Thank God.

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is a smart man. He’s a thinker. A right-wing intellectual (he is a professor emeritus of Classics at California State University, Fresno). But sadly, he’s rather PC and he apparently thinks that America can vote its way out of the Cultural Marxist mess that it’s in. Apparently Hanson assumes that the next election won’t be stolen as well.

[Video, 47 minutes].

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