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14 March, 2011

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The forum is down, I believe due to a simple technical glitch. Unfortunately our web IT guy is out of town this week and checking in sporadically. So I don’t know when exactly the forum will be back up, but when I do I’ll let you know. –A.L.

13 March, 2011

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[…] “It’s a gross generalization, but the British style is obsessed with how one looks to others – the seeming – the German style is concerned with the interior, the quality, the BEING. This is what makes German culture superior to British culture in pretty much any field you care to look at, but just […]

11 March, 2011

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Entertain your brain! This radio broadcast, featuring Alex Linder and others, is about 1 month old: [Website].

19 February, 2011

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by Alex Linder. […] “Even though he personally liked her, the minute the jew found out she was part of the hated other, he never spoke to her again. That is awesomely impressive. But the conservatives, even most WN, will simply find it inhuman and unthinkable. Well, my friend. That is why jews are running […]

3 December, 2010

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“Let me expand, so you can grasp what you obviously can’t pick up. In middle-class society, women are always deferred to. Somehow that became the way. On top of that cultural more, ruling jews formalized the deference, or hierarchy, legally. And through media and academy justified it and reinforced it with political correctness taboos so […]

8 September, 2010

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Thoughts on Jared Taylor’s outfit, American Renaissance: [VNN Forum].

13 May, 2010

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Alex on nationalists-vs.-Jews, then and now: [VNN Forum post].

8 March, 2010

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“If one persuasive man, or one White Congress of leaders, said, ‘This is what White is, and this is how to live White’ – that would be the best starting point. I’m not demanding a super-exclusive, super-tight genetic definition, but a reasonable drawing of lines. And then, yes, handbook level guide to how to live. […]

30 January, 2010

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“Naming the jew means writing about your subject like a cat digging catnip. Snuffling in it. Rolling in it. Half mad with desire to eat it and mate with it and enanimate it. It does not mean dipping a tiny toe-y in the darkness before dawn, it means belly flopping into the truth pool mid-afternoon […]

16 January, 2010

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The Simple Template for Radicalism Remedial Training for the Intellectuals of the Occidentals By John Allington The other morning I woke up—all stiff and sore–on the floor of my home office.  I was on my side on the hard plastic carpet mat, next to my chair’s legs, below my computer.  The chair was overturned.  There […]