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22 August, 2008

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Federal immigration law prohibits activity that aids or even encourages illegal immigrants. So how can San Francisco be a “sanctuary city”?: [Article].

10 November, 2007

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Even though this city resolution is symbolic, it still amounts to a governmental entity taking action against a certain type of speech: [Article].

27 October, 2007

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By Alan Stang: [Here].

3 June, 2007

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This one is from a Jewish lawmaker in California [1] [2]. [Article] [1] Feuer mentioned as Jewish: [Here] [2] more about Jews and gun control: [Here]

27 February, 2007

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This is a lengthy expose on what is gradually happening to So Cal and why so many Whites are leaving. When the beaners assume control things go to hell rather quickly. ARTICLE If you take the time to read it I hope you find it interesting.