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17 July, 2006

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Americans and less important folk are still dying over there… 3 American Soldiers Killed in Iraq Three American soldiers were killed Monday in separate attacks, two in the Baghdad area and one in western Iraq, the U.S. military said. A U.S. statement said one soldier was hit by small arms fire early in western Baghdad. […]

7 April, 2006

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She discusses her opinion of the build up to war in Iraq from her position in the Near East/ South Asia policy office at the Pentagon. Also, we discuss her service in the Air Force, why she choose to leave the military and the current state of the military-industrial complex. Transcript here.

7 April, 2006

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Invade a nation on pretext, bomb it to smithereens — this after having starved several hundred thousand of its children — then complain about its ingratitude! Meet Daniel Pipes, a jew like other jews, yet perfect among them. Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the Iraq war? A: The ingratitude of […]

5 April, 2006

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La Voz de Aztlan Special Report Los Angeles, Alta California April 3, 2006HORRID: GIs with missing faces and gaping wounds! The Pentagon’s official count of GIs dead in Iraq, as of today, stands at 2336. The real count however is much greater because the US Department of Defense does not count those who die later […]

5 April, 2006

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The Art of War for the anti-war movement By Scott Ritter In the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq by a US-led coalition, and for three years since, I have spent many hours speaking to numerous anti-war forums across the country and around the world. I have always been struck by the sincerity […]

27 March, 2006

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‘Unit’s’ military expert has fighting words for Bush By David Kronke, TV Critic

21 March, 2006

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Districts where Sunni and Shia lived together for decades if not centuries are being torn apart in a few days. In the al-Amel neighbourhood in west Baghdad, for instance, the two communities lived side by side until a few days ago, though Shias were in the majority. Then the Sunni started receiving envelopes pushed under […]

21 March, 2006

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No newspaper in America gets better pics from the anti-war rallies than Zombie, whose latest finds were from an anti-war rally in San Francisco on March 18th. Of course, that’s largely by design. When you have liberal reporters, sympathetically reporting on an event you can be almost sure that they support — like an anti-war […]

17 March, 2006

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If you were President George W. Bush with all available US troops tied down by the Iraqi resistance, and you were unable to control Iraq or political developments in the country, would you also start a war with Iran? Article.

17 March, 2006

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Study: U.S. Mideast policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby By Shmuel Rosner WASHINGTON – The U.S. Middle East policy is not in America’s national interest and is motivated primarily by the country’s pro-Israel lobby, according to a study published yesterday by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Chicago. Observers in Washington said yesterday that […]