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9 December, 2007

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God wants you to join the party, he told us so! We go live at 9PM EST Ever wonder why so many people world wide believe in such fantastic tales of magic and mysticism when it comes to their religion, BUT they avoid much more obvious truths that stare them in the face so plainly? […]

13 September, 2007

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In early 2007, 30,000 extra U.S. soldiers were sent to Iraq in a so-called troop surge [1]. Now, we learn that 30,000 American soldiers might, if all goes well, leave Iraq by next summer. So the original number of troops stationed in Iraq would remain the same – in other words, business as usual. Maybe […]

31 August, 2007

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The Western countries are now suffering from a mental illness. Regardless of what the Jewish groups tell you, mentally healthy White countries don’t abandon their superior cultures to inferior people from foreign lands: [Article]

7 August, 2007

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Now is a good time to consider this question: is Islam naturally a threat to the West? Or is it only a threat due to Zionism, globalism and weak immigration laws in the White countries? [Article]

8 November, 2006

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