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26 March, 2022

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Why is it coming to Minnesota, the land of millions of White people and 41 Muslims? Have you ever heard that horrible mosque call-to-prayer over the loudspeakers? It’s booming, monotone, Arabic shout-singing at 6:00 AM. It sounds like this: (Yelling in Arabic): “Alli walli baba yammi….aaaaahhhhh….dilli dalli…whamma rammi…slimmi slammi….aaaaahhhhh….alli balli, polli wolli, willi dilli….aaaaaahhhhh….wiggi walli […]

11 November, 2020

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Duh. Liberals don’t have brains. They have brain stems. Not the same thing. And yet, they now control the U.S. House of Representatives and hold half the Senate seats. How? Why? Why do these horrible people control much of America? (News quote): “Minneapolis officials are considering bringing in officers from other jurisdictions to help the […]

22 April, 2016

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The way the media is carrying on about Prince, you’d think that Elvis, Johnny Cash and John Lennon had all died in that elevator in Minnesota. One of the reasons for the media’s worship of Prince is that he was not White. Another reason could be that he was, according to his symbol, genderless (although […]

3 April, 2006

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[Read “Khatheads” below, then this…] Reader Maynard writes: “Rich diversity is why I left St. Paul.  If the jews have their way, we will have this in every nook and cranny of this country!” Community profile: The North End BY MOLLY MILLETT Pioneer Press The North End is St. Paul’s new melting pot. Once primarily […]